Call Center operations

Two dominant and highly visible problems that hinder a call centers operation are agent turnover and suboptimal agent productivity. In most cases, the root causes of such challenges result from poor job fit or a lack of skills that are critical success factors for specific agent positions. Selection assessments and screening tools can help address this by providing vital information about applicants that directly relates to employee productivity and retention.


These tools typically do so by measuring three different kinds of candidate data:


In regard to what applicants can do, assessments are designed to measure stable characteristics associated with job applicants’ personalities and natural abilities. For example, some jobs may be more suitable for individuals who are extroverted and less risk-averse, while others may require that an employee be highly detail-oriented and task-focused. The unique benefit to these types of assessments is that predictions can be made about future behavior in roles in which the applicant has no previous experience.

Designed for businesses with complex call center operations and high call volume, Call Management System is a database, administration, and reporting application to help businesses identify operational issues and take immediate action to solve them.


Using a familiar Windows interface, call center managers can view data and receive customized threshold and exception alerts, all in real time. They can also view historical reports to help them analyze trends, establish performance benchmarks, and plan new marketing or customer-service campaigns. These reports can be easily customized to suit the needs of the business. With easy access to real-time and historical data, managers can make faster, better informed decisions, for more effective call center operations

Call centers have revolutionized the way business gets done. Call center is growing phenomenon, revealing new efficiency-boosting techniques, gainful technologies and applications, and profit-increasing management stratagems. Exposing new uses, cost-cutting technologies, efficiency-boosting strategies, and assessment methods with superior accuracy, famed authority Charles E. Day makes it clear why call center operations increased by more than 700% between 1983 and 1997, and continue to grow.

The heartbeats of many of today's businesses serving functions as diverse as telemarketing, customer ordering and service, help desks, inside sales, reservations, and financial services by phone call centers offer one of the best paradigms for coaxing every bit of efficiency-boosting power from new communications and computing technologies.

  • In regard to what applicants have done, assessments are designed to measure applicants’ previous experiences, past behavior, education or training, and accomplishments. Examples include resume scoring for education, relevant work history and skills training, in addition to the use of behaviorally-oriented interview questions that focus on how an applicant handled a specific situation in the past and job-specific knowledge or skills tests. These types of assessments are based on the principle that future performance is best predicted by past performance.


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