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The Benefits of outsourcing work to Call Centres


Outsourcing call centre jobs continues to be the most strategic business process in the business world for those companies wanting to reduce costs and improve their competitiveness. Outsourcing involves the relocation of some everyday business process to a third-party company.


Most companies outsource some of their services to offshore companies, meaning companies that are in another country, traditionally, low cost destinations. Some of these destinations include India, the Philippines and South Africa. The most common outsourced jobs process in the call centre arena is telemarketing, customer support, market research, back office jobs and the like.


Savings on Labour Costs

If you cut down on the labour cost, the overall cost of the service will be significantly lowered. Depending on the original cost of the service and the jobs acquired offshore, the company can save 30-50% in cost reductions.


There is a wide gap between the salaries of industrialized countries and developing countries. So hiring employees from developing countries will enable the parent company to enjoy the lower cost economies of the developing country.


Big Highly Skilled Workforce

Companies can benefit from the skills of many unemployed people in developing countries as they cherish these jobs which are less desirable in the developed countries and invariably, tend to be more productive. These people can be hired without having to send them abroad for training. Offshore destinations struggle to provide employment to the growing number of fresh graduates they produce, hence off shoring initiatives offers a win-win situation.


It should be emphasized that there is training involved before you can be hired as a call centre agent. So rest assured that the people handling your company accounts or processes are well-versed with your products and systems. They are also highly motivated and capable of dealing with your customers, everyday.


Competitive and Expandable Capabilities

There are some well-established companies that do not have proper customer service hotlines, and lately, customer support has been one of the top priorities of businesses because customers have become more demanding. Rather than having to pay for training in customer service, a company can tap into the jobs of an offshore or outsourced company that specializes in this call centre offering, instantly.


Savings on Equipment Cost

Call centre equipment can be costly. The cost of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading the telephony equipment can be very draining and complex if you consider the technology advancement taking place within this industry. Outsourcing the call centre services will enable you access the latest equipment without having to outlay huge capital and sourcing highly specialized skill set to operate them.

  • Gain Customer Loyalty and Bigger Customer Market

    If you provide your customers with great customer support, expect them to stay loyal to you. You can also expect them to recommend your company to people that they know. A quick, polite and responsive call centre agent will make your customer feel special.

  • Involvement of Parent Company

    Even though you are outsourcing your call centre services, you still have a say in the operations. The call centre company will still include you in its operations and keep you updated. Calls are recorded, so you can review them yourself and cite some irregularities or recommend further training. The call centre's operations and transactions are open to your perusal and comments. Reporting activities are key when outsourcing your processes

  • Continuous Improvement

    Having the outsourcer handle your calls will introduce some level of innovation to the way you are doing things and this might improve your customer experience through improved service quality and introduce some efficiency you might have over looked in your in-house operation, hence calls received could inform the parent company of important customer feedback.

  • Call centre jobs outsourcing are definitely enjoying a rise in popularity as a result of globalization. The above-mentioned benefits are just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to improving the overall company's earnings which ensures that companies are able to grow and defend their market share, thus ensuring that more high end jobs are saved in their respective countries


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