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The Types of Services in Call centre jobs


Call centre jobs service are vital for business organisations for handling volume calls. The agents of a call centre handle millions of outbound and inbound calls that have a direct effect on the growth of a business. Apart from advertising, they are centralized offices offering customer service, technical support to help the businesses achieve their sales target. Call centres are mainly of two types – inbound and outbound. In an inbound call centre, customers call into the centres to enquire about a certain product or service. While in an outbound call centre, calls are made by the agents to advertise their products, thus aiming to increase a company's sales. Calls are made even to ensure that a customer is satisfied with the products/jobs offered by the respective business.

Inbound Call centre jobs

An inbound call centre is a service provider who on behalf a company manages incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers.


The jobs offered by an inbound call centre include customer service, help desk, technical trouble shooting and order taking. They are equipped with the latest technology and skilled workforce to handle these jobs effectively. The agents are trained to answer the queries of a customer and provide assistance to handle the malfunction of a product. In a help desk service, they provide customers with IT related solutions and help in evaluating problems related to computer and other such issues.

Call centres professionals are regularly organised into a multi-tier support system for a more efficient handling of calls. In the first tier there are operators, who direct inquiries to the right branch and give the usual bank related information. If a caller needs more help, the call is advanced to the second tier, where most issues can be resolved. If a caller wants more support, the caller is connected to the third tier of support. The third tier of support consists of product engineers/developers or highly skilled technical support staff of the product

Outbound Call centre jobs
In jobs like order taking, the customers place their orders over the phone which is processed by the order taking agents. They play an important role in increasing the sales of a company. Telemarketing, lead generation, conducting surveys and debt collection are some of the services offered by an outbound call centre. They are mainly concerned with promoting products and eventually selling them. Surveys help to track the percentage of customers that are satisfied by a company's offerings by obtaining their feedback. In debt collection, the agents ensure the timely payments of debts by an individual or business organization.

  • Career prospects in an inbound call centre are increasing as companies world wide have realized the importance of providing satisfactory services to their customers in order to increase their profits. A career in a call centre also helps in enhancing your communication and socialising skills. With the help of services offered by an outbound call centre jobs, your business can adopt cost effective ways to scale new heights.

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