Entry Level Data Entry Jobs


To help uncover opportunities for entry-level data entry jobs, especially workers with limited English language abilities, surveyors from the HIRE Center at California State University, Hayward screened firms in Northern Alameda County to determine if they had positions with:

    • Entry-level data workers, defined as workers with no more than a high school education and no more than one year of work experience;
    • Workers with limited English capabilities, defined as individuals who can follow directions but cannot read or write English well; and
    • Openings (or projected openings) during the next year.

1,352 firms were called between January 8 and May 7, 2001 with on-site interviewing extending through May 16. If firms had openings for positions with entry-level workers, HIRE Center surveyors went on-site to determine the knowledge and skills needed to 1) applying jobs; 2) obtain the job; 3) succeed on the job; and 4) advance to the next higher position. A total of 67 in-depth surveys were administered to employers of entry-level data workers.

 If firms had openings for entry-level data workers who had limited English capabilities, HIRE Center surveyors were accompanied by Employment Support Specialists in the CIRCLES employment program. By accompanying surveyors on the interview, Employment Support Specialists learned first hand about the knowledge and skills needed by their clients to obtain employment, informed employers about the CIRCLES program, and established contacts with employers to facilitate future placement of clients in available jobs. A total of 28 in-depth surveys were administered to employers of entry-level data workers with limited English capabilities.

The following are the summery sheets that detail entry-level employment opportunities as identified in the survey process. Each of the listings summarizes the characteristics of the position, the expected openings, the company's and individual's contact information, and the name and phone number of the CIRCLES employee who met the employer during the interview process. The first 28 listings contain summary information for entry-level positions that require only limited English capabilities and the remaining 68 listings contain summary information for data entry-level positions that require at least some English proficiency.

Uses of Employment Opportunity Summaries
Information in these listings can be used in a variety of ways:

    • The Job Title can be used to identify types of jobs that may be available for entry-level data workers (including those with limited English abilities).
    • The Company Information can be used to identify potential employers of entry-level workers (including those with limited English abilities).
    • The Duties can be used to build curriculum or job training programs for entry-level data jobs.
    • The Qualifications can be used to build pipeline training programs that tailor curriculum toward building knowledge and skills that specific employers need.
    • The Salary, Benefits, Hours, and Shift can be used to build realistic expectations about compensation and the jobs’ characteristics.
    • The Transportation and Benefits can be used to build programs that provide adequate support services to meet post employment needs.

  • Even though the information on the summaries will become outdated, it can still serve as a valuable tool for opening discussions with employers about entry-level data entry jobs. For example, dialog can begin with "Last year your company needed X for workers to become successful in their own jobs, would workers with these characteristics still meet your needs?" or "If workers have X skills do they still receive Y dollars?"

  • Caveats on Usage
    Employers often become frustrated with calls from multiple individuals from the same organization. Because we all want to maintain friendly relationships with companies and individuals who may hire clients, communication with the employer should be funneled through a single individual in the organization. Because the organization's contact person identified on the Employment Opportunity sheet has already established a relationship with the company, s/he should be the individual to initiate any further contact. Please remember that the employer was very generous in giving us information, and use discretion and diplomacy when initiating further contact.


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