Choosing your IT outsourcing partner


A business who has decided to outsource is always looking for an outsource IT  partner that could help bring out the best in them. Innovation is a must. Clients are looking for new ideas that would help promote their product or business. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Sharing of ideas help the business rise up in the competition.


For  every business, time is money. The company you have chosen to outsource IT to must have a department that understands the need for businesses to resolve IT problems quickly and efficiently as the smallest computer problem can potentially stop you from working.


The majority of problems reported are fixed quickly and efficiently by our 1st line Remote Engineer team, and any other problems that require an onsite presence can be dealt with swiftly by professional Field Engineers.

Reasons to outsource IT are as follows; to remain competitive, keep abreast with the ever increasing regulatory compliance, to cut down costs, to save valuable time and effort. To make the most of outsourcing you need to define the objectives behind outsource of IT.



Choosing your partner to outsource IT to should be done with intensive research and the right partner should be chosen to receive quality work. Here are tips on what you should consider when looking at different companies before you choose outsource IT.


Choose an established company

London is a very competitive market place for all of us. Many businesses come and go and IT Support companies are no exception to the rule. For this reason we would suggest working with an established company that has a proven track record at supporting Small businesses over a long term period. If an outsource IT company has survived for a long time then they must know what they are doing.




This is the most critical aspect of having to outsource IT, which you should consider twice over before you begin to outsource your IT. Choose a UK-registered outsourcing partner, because using a specialist firm enables you to have better control of jobs. Here are some benefits:

a) The communication gap is eliminated and quality issues can be addressed to an optimum level
b) You enter into a contract with a UK company which obviates the need to chase people in a foreign land


You want to find an outsourced IT partner who will ask questions and examines your existing structures and business model. You want someone who is going to offer solutions that are specifically geared towards all your IT needs and not just offer some generic solutions. A reputable company will also have established relationships with key suppliers, such as, Microsoft, Citrix and Cisco.



  • Trust

    This is the most vital part of the outsource of IT. You should trust your partner and your partner should trust you as well. The relationship should be worry-free. Business outsource IT because they want to focus on some other things that are needed to improve their business. You don't want your client to check on you every now and then because he feels that you might not be able to meet the deadline. Do not let your client feel this way because they might back out and end the contract immediately. Make them feel that they have the best outsourced IT partner.

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