Disadvantages of Outsource IT


Before deciding on outsourcing your company's business process, keep in mind the disadvantages of choosing to outsource IT:


Less managerial control –


Outsourcing company goes out of business - If your outsourcing service provide goes bankrupt or out of business, your company will have to quickly transition to a new service provider or take the process back in-house.
May be more expensive - Sometimes it is cheaper to keep a process in-house as compared to outsourcing.

Security and confidentiality issues - If your company is outsourcing business processes such as payroll, confidential information such as salary will be known to the outsourcing service provider.


Outsourcing is the process of subcontracting to a third party. Outsourcing is a controversial issue because often it means that the companies are outsourcing IT jobs outside of the country's economy. Regardless of whether you are choosing to outsource IT within America or choosing to outsource IT to another country, there are many disadvantages to the process, and it's important to understand the disadvantages before you proceed.


Loss of Managerial Control

When you outsource IT operations, there is a loss in managerial control for the IT companies. Since you are signing over a task to a different company, this means that you are now giving up your rights to truly supervise the task. The outsource IT company is ultimately in charge of the product. Even though you are paying that outsource IT company, the outsource IT company is still primarily in charge of the management of your product or your function. Thus, the standards or the mission statement of your IT Company may or may not be enforced by this outside outsource IT company. It may be harder to manage the outsourced IT service provider as compared to managing your own employees.


Hidden Costs

The possibility of hidden costs when business chooses to outsource IT companies is another disadvantage. Since you are signing a contract that details the service the other company is providing you, any service or function that not included in the contract could be an added fee that the other company charges you at the end of the term. Further, the cost of having to outsource IT also has to include the cost of the attorney required to ensure that the contract from the other company is properly executed. Since the contracts are usually written by the outsource IT company, you definitely need an attorney to review them.

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