Facts you need to know before you choose to outsource IT


There are lots of reasons, is a question for economists, but all that comes from the fact that the cost of living in these countries is much lower in the U.S. or in Western countries Europe. On the other hand, professional programmers, designers, etc. is not highly competitive market economy countries with the professionalism of Western specialists. The education system in the Soviet Union (and later – in countries that the USSR was the successor) is to be the world to go to many specialists in the West to work there as one of the best, others are active in outsource IT. I'm talking about the countries of the former Soviet Union, because working with clients from these countries more profitable than their Asian colleagues and developers of other Eastern European countries. Of course, the advantage is low costs.


Now Manpower we use the figures. As a manager of software or web design company plan, resources outsource IT is usually intended to reduce costs 30% or more. I suspect that not only the basis of hours of work, but also the cost of technology can be reduced by up to 50%. These figures may vary slightly depending on clients to its geographic location.


This is the first question, that "every Corporation across America" In the last 20 years, American business outsourcing everything. "Companies continue to outsource IT to cut costs and end up stuck with hidden costs and quality problems." A recent study shows that over 70% of companies outsource IT their projects classified, payroll outsourcing, as causing "disease" symptoms of this disease: hidden costs and quality of projects due to budget problem Schedule.

The behind events is essential that the changes the outsource IT brings. The changes are all "and those companies that are unable or unwilling to change with major challenges. It is important that all companies back to the basics since they can go to repair and improve their outsource IT must projects. They before a good understanding of what outsource of IT is and what is not. When most people in the same Corporation "different" ideas of what is and what outsourced IT is to achieve … There will be trouble.

Mis-communication is at the heart of many of these problems … yet the typical reaction before the big companies there, "Blame the Supplier is" … screaming and shouting and eventually go on to become the number one complaint about outsourced IT projects around the world for a new supplier.


Hidden costs. For some reason, companies are still confused and surprised with all the 'extra' costs, the "Pop-up continues in the process of outsourced IT. And 'as if outsource of IT is similar to "buying a used car … and we, payroll outsourcing, all know how this transaction is considered by most people. The bottom line: most of all outsource IT projects fail before getting any started. Companies strategy or a plan … the supplier is wrong … fail to do their homework … and have little or no knowledge about their own costs … they are doomed to failure. But there is hope … Get the training needed to successfully use your outsourcing projects for success. WHAT you can do these problems of outsource of IT?


Finally … a revolutionary class … Valuable training you can use your team. You and your staff can learn the truth about outsource IT projects. You can finally start to gain control over your costs and expenses. Begin to maximize savings … (No cost) and turn the problems of outsourced IT success are projects. Here-details of class 1 day (6 hours) at your location – In House Training Socratic method in the Q & A-intensive, interactive and informative High Energy Training sessions targeted real-life examples from your company backstage revealed. What Tips You Will know the truth about the outsource of IT -The 10 commandments of outsourcing the secrets of the suppliers does not say why quotes are "worthless" – as "really save money" to survive – and thrive-most important techniques you learn.


Outsource IT: why not "Rocket Science" … But most companies continue to "screw it up" learning to be one of those companies …- How to change the projects being outsourced to … and maximize returns on earnings … Who should attend Purchasing.


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