Outsource IT companies not understanding the users needs


One major mistake that companies do is leaving it all up to the outsourced IT companies, and relies on them to deliver what the users want or need. Those outsourced IT projects are a total flop as they didn’t ask for any requirements.


In order to get the best out of your outsourced IT company and to avoid any mistakes you would need to spend some time up front  with the outsourced It company and getting to know the outsource IT company.

If this seems obvious, read on; most people don't take it anywhere near far enough.

Knowing your outsourced IT company gives you key ideas so your outsource IT project needs can exceed their expectations. You need to know:

  • What users expect the outsourced IT to do for them
  • What they expect to input
  • What kind of output they expect
  • What they will do with the output
  • How the user will interact with the outsourced IT program
  • How the outsourced IT program fits into the real world
  • You need to understand the problem you are solving better than
    most users do. You get to that point by talking with lots of users.

Here’s how it is likely to work out from 10 users that communicate with you, it usually breaks down like the following:

Three out of ten users are usually a complete a waist of time. They don’t think about the world around them or care to share thoughts with. Once someone falls in this category, end the conversation quickly and politely. As this is also waist of your time.

Four out of ten will give you good information including the stuff you need to know. Some have a different take on certain issues about outsource of IT. Most will end up telling you that same thing as others.  This group will give you a solid background on the basic features your outsourced IT program needs to include.


The remaining three will give you a breakthrough of ideas or trigger some amazing ideas that will help you with your reputation of your outsourced IT Company. Based on what you learned from the other seven. This is like striking gold!


Just imagine what the other seven users (that's 70% of your user base) will think when you create an outsourced IT project with breakthrough features that blows away their expectations.

Now there's a path to success!

Some users when you would talk to them would some times run directly in to a rant. Some can really unload on you about the outsource IT project. Don't take it personally, TAKE NOTES!


When people get that exercised by a discussion, you've found an opportunity to solve a problem that is important to them.


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