The need to outsource IT


We are now depending on IT, whether its personal or outsource IT function, more and more every day. Could you ever imagine your life without having any kind of IT involved? Could you resist not to navigate on the Internet? Or not to have the possibility to send or receive emails? Could you imagine the need of using the phone or personal meeting instead of instant messaging? Well, it isn’t impossible to live your life without IT, but it would surely by a change hard to accept.


How is IT related to companies? If you consider there are lots of companies that have nothing to do with IT at all, then you’re right, except for one thing. In one way or another, every single company is related to IT, even if it’s against their will. It’s simple to imagine this situation. Assume you have a grocery store. You have salesmen, and your merchandise to sell. So simple, right? Indeed simple, but you still need IT in this business too!

  • First of all, you must always know how your current situation is. How many units or kilos of your merchandise were sold, how many units or kilos you will further need, how much your profit was, and so on. That is already some sort of a database system, which is already related to IT Of course, you can track this on paper too, but let’s face it: it’s not as effective, and almost nobody uses old paper-method anymore.

  • The above example was one of the simplest ways to imagine the need of IT development. Now, let’s see outsource IT development. Outsource IT development is only beneficial, when you have a special need for outsource of IT within a company, and you’re really tired of outsourcing IT all the time, and now want to own the IT section too, and of course, if your company handles IT development. You, as an outsource IT company, won’t assign any of your tasks to third-party companies or individuals, you will have a new outsourced IT development center built in some other country, but being your property. Choosing this way is one sure way. You will now know, that you have, even more, you own a stable outsource IT development center, without the constant need for you to search reliable workers, possibly a different worker every new time.

Outsource IT development is mostly benefit in countries like India. These countries have a lot of labor force just waiting to work, and their prices are very low. As cheap as they work, they still provide quality work.
Having highly qualified and experienced project managers helps provide an open and transparent Project Management capability and approach. You get the advantage of cost effective development support without losing control and visibility of your outsource IT projects.

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