Offshore Outsourcing Reseller Information

outsource work to Professionals

outsourcing work is a great way to reduce your business costs. Essentially we provide employees to work for you under your management, from our office. Where you would pay an Administrator circa £1200 pm in UK, you can pay an employee from us only £299pm. A phenominal saving.


Yes all virtual employees work full time for our clients, effectively in the capacity of the clients employee. Working hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm UK time.

We pay 10% commission every month for every live contract on introductions. If you introduce >10 live contracts, your monthly commissions boosts to 15% for all live contracts, from contract 1. This is paid to you every month!

For example if you promote our SEO product for £359. For the first 10 live contracts you introduce you will get £35.90 per contract per month. So for 10 that is £359 every month.
From the 11th contract onwards, the commission is £53.85 per contract pm.

We welcome introducers for which reason we have designed this attractive scheme.



outsource work From your PC

Your employee will be provided with office space and all office equipment, (VOIP phone, PC, printer, scanner ...etc), to work productively for you, so you don't have to worry about the costs of infrastructure.

outsourcing work: Outsource all your office work in most fields from your PC

Employ Indian Professionals at Indian salaries from only £299 pm