Establishing procurement management teams of the outsource of IT


The time and energy needed to manage subcontractors can often be seriously underestimated. If project managers require the project teams to oversee outsource IT portions of the project in addition to their internal responsibilities, the procurement aspects will usually be given a lesser priority. As a result, subcontractors that cannot get timely responses to their questions will be forced to make assumptions that could create cost overruns.


Another alternative to requiring project teams to manage subcontractors is to have the outsourced IT project manager manage them. In such cases the outsourced IT project manager will most likely find that this can be very time consuming and will divert attention from managing the outsourced IT project to managing subcontractors and would be beneficial to outsource IT.


The alternative for managing subcontractors that has been proven down through the years is to establish Procurement Management Teams (PMT). The PMT is more than a group of individuals who act as mediators between the outsourced IT project manager and the outsourced IT subcontractors. Their role includes greater responsibilities than this. Depending on the size of criticality of the portion of IT being outsourced the PMT membership may be from a minimum of two people to many more.


Even the smallest outsourced IT project effort will require a technical overseer and someone who has legal authority to issue and implement a formal written contract. Other PMT members may include the outsource IT project coordinator, technical specialists, and a document control specialist.


    What are the 2-3 things that manager team managers need to take into account when working with the outsourced IT help?

      • Worker’s skill and ability: are they competent in whatever skills you require for in order to outsource IT (design, writing, coding, SEO, back link building)? Can they understand English and communicate effectively? Look to their track record or portfolio, and references if possible. It’s also okay if you need to train/teach the tasks you need done (such as running specific software or doing manual work). This will occur in almost every outsource IT project. What’s more important is the quality of the worker; the cheapest option is not necessarily the best.
      •  Worker’s dedication: Does your outsourced IT project require them to focus only on your job? Many outsource IT workers will try to work for several people at once. It doesn’t make sense for you to pay them to work on outsourced IT projects that aren’t yours. This is where it may make more sense to use results based billing (per outsourced IT project) rather than hourly billing.

    •  Good help is hard to find: you will probably NOT find your savior workers on the first try from you’re outsource IT company. You may have to try several people before landing one you like. Don’t get burned; constantly keep in contact through the early stages of your relationship. Ask to voice chat on skype for an interview. If they start falling out of contact or reply late and start making excuses, this is a sign of things to come and you should fire them. But once you find a worker you like, pay them on time and keep them happy. You will save much time and aggravation by sticking with the outsource IT company that you like, even if the pay rate is slightly higher than a cheaper worker.

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