How to choose the right company to outsource IT


The practice of outsource IT staffing has been adopted by a host of different companies as technological advancements continue to improve our ability to dynamically communicate across organizations and share mission critical information with clarity. Outsourced IT staffing is often cited with two key value propositions: 1) Cutting costs and 2) Increasing productivity, with the ultimate goal being a stronger bottom line.


Many outsource IT organizations staff a significant portion of the developers through offshore office locations. While this is often recognized outsource of IT is a way to reduce costs to the client, it has an added benefit – the 24x7 development lifecycle. With time zone differences and cultures that cater to flexible “off-hour” work cycles, clients are able to move initiatives forward while the home office “sleeps” –accelerating the development cycle, which makes it easier to hit outsourced project deadlines.

Most outsource IT staffing organizations offer a wide range of technology development services including: website design and development, content writing, web hosting, webmaster duties, software and application development, and search engine marketing, amongst others. In addition, many reputable outsource IT staffing organizations maintain competencies in an assortment of programming languages to properly mesh with a client’s pre-existing technology infrastructure.


Identifying your needs and motivation for the outsource IT partnership. More often than not, this would include cost-cutting and quality control measures.

Identify the options available on the market and parts of outsourced IT and what would suit your business the best. This can be done by finding out what other firms did in similar circumstance. This should give you a broad framework of what kind of firm you can get the best results from.

    Zoom in on the industry players and try to identify which partners that outsource IT can help you to further your strategies and the kind of value they could add to your business.

  • Try to do a quick background check of these potential partners which outsource IT. In doing this, the reputation of your prospective outsourcing partners is fundamental.
    Set your own standards for identifying a good outsource IT partner based on your outsourcing needs.  Select the best way of getting a potential outsourcing partner interested in your company. The most common methods are tendering and bidding.
    Send signals to your prospective outsourcing partners using your chosen method of creating interest in your outsourcing opening.

  • Get the prospective outsourcing partners to tell you what they are capable of doing that you cannot do in-house.

  • Match the background of each potential partner against the standards you set. Choose the most efficient and effective outsourcing partner and work with them.

The outsource IT Company you choose needs time to understand how your business operates and offer a free and comprehensive network audit to ensure they put in place the right solution for you. As part of the audit, they should also look at the amount of data you create daily, your data back-up, broadband width, server and if there is support or maintenance, cabling infrastructure, number of desktops, email exchange, if issues with spam, and whether there is a disaster recovery plan, Giving you the best source for your outsource IT.



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