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Job Requirements for a Business processed outsourcing work Specialists


Our teams of vertically aligned BPO Head Hunters are continuously searching for experienced and successful Sales executives within this fluid market space. Our core business at Selective Search is the supply of experienced BPO Sales Executives into Tier One Global Outsourcers. Our Dedicated recruitment team for the BPO space have years of experience in delivering big ticket deal makers, market makers and Director level appointments. Candidates need to have had success in selling conceptual IT jobs that takes responsibility for IT Systems and staff to reduce costs and improve business effectiveness and efficiency, so ultimately the end user customers can focus on their core business while outsourcing work of less importance.

As a candidate you should have been involved in selling a wide range of go to market value propositions that de-risk the Outsourcing of jobs and BPO process from the very start, assigning and selling in senior level BPO to manage the changeover and transfer of staff and assets.

BPO is referred to as Business Process Outsourcing and it is the act of transferring some of an organisations repeated non-core and core business processes to an outside provider to achieve cost reductions while improving the quality of the job role, this is Business Process Outsourcing or BPO.

Our candidates sell BPO Outsourcing and take on the responsibility to manage the function or business process that the client needs, by advising re-engineering processes that the client has typically done to help drive cost out of their business. Typical examples of our candidates that have has a successful track record of selling BPO include; call centers, human resources, accounting, medical billing, web design, writing, translation and payroll outsourcing.

Business Process Outsourcing - BPO provides one of the most innovative and effective solutions to customers all over the world. Selective Search Recruitment is striving to build on the huge momentum of this ever changing market and provide some of the top worldwide talent and stay ahead of our competitors by really listening to both candidate and clients needs for this large but niche market place.

Business Process Outsourcing – the outsourcing of jobs required in business processed outsourcing work is emerging as a powerful career vehicle and is promising to provide a new generation of top flight sales executives that establish business kings for the future. Effective BPO Outsourcing sales recruitment encompasses much more general commercial knowledge than traditional recruitment.

An important aspect of Business Process Outsourcing is its ability to free corporate executives from some of their daily process management responsibilities. By outsourcing their business operations to third party, companies have the following advantages:

- Obtain outside expertise
- Meet constantly changing customer demands
- Cost reduction
By outsourcing work that are secondary core business processes, companies can target themselves on; increasing their sales and business, develop new products, expand into global markets, enhance customer services and satisfactions and grow the business in the global market. Selective search Recruitment provides the candidates that can win and shape BPO outsourcing, IT outsourcing and BPO outsourcing services.


At Selective Search Recruitment we understand that the Information technology infrastructure is the framework that supports business processes and without it, business applications cannot run, calls cannot be made and businesses cannot function. Likewise a city’s infrastructure is the framework for its life, an unreliable and unproven IT infrastructure hinders a business’s ability to grow and succeed. The majority of our client’s business practices are vertically driven so a successful track record of selling either traditional IT Infrastructure or outsourcing work or BPO, into the following verticals would be beneficial: -

Financial Services, Capital Markets, Retail Banking, Insurance, Retail, Utilities, Central Government, Local Government, Health and Education, Transportation, Aerospace and Defense, Chemical, Communications, Media and Entertainment, Travel, High Technology. According to our clients, over time IT departments can become overwhelmed due to the complexity, deployment and maintenance of the applications used by their businesses. Part of this issue arises as a result of the corporations growing, keeping up with the latest business applications, upgrading software, general maintenance, installations and regulatory changes. This has led to a wide variety of technologies over time, implemented at different stages and working independently of one another.

Selective Search Recruitment are the specialist IT sales recruiters that supply application Sales professionals to help take away our clients IT departments’ jobs pain and complexity. We are the team that provides the Sales specialists that actually win and cultivate these Application Outsourcing deals.


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