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Everyone has heard stories about people losing jobs because of companies outsourcing work to India. Some American workers are now outsourcing themselves to India to find tech jobs. There are 130,000 Americans taking jobs overseas according to Forrester Research and this number is expected to soar to 3.5 million by 2015. An NBC News article discusses one Indian company that is recruiting American expertise.

"We don't think doing things in India is a loss to the U.S.," said N.R. Narayana Murthy, co-founder and chairman of Infosys Technologies Ltd., an industry leader in outsourcing work in software services. Nor, he said, does he think doing things in the United States is a loss for India. Almost two-thirds of Infosys' revenue is generated in the U.S. market.

Murthy, 59, is lobbying students at the Stanford Business School, where he is a member of the advisory council, to come east - way east - to Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley. With its Microsoft-like campus, Infosys provides support to big U.S. companies like Best Buy, Circuit City and even Microsoft. (Microsoft is a parent company of MSNBC.com.)

"To add significant value to corporations from a country like India is an exciting opportunity," Murthy said, "and to be part of that opportunity is one of a kind."

Infosys' profits are three times those of its U.S. competitors. One of the main reasons is salaries. The same jobs’ pay in the India is a third of the salary as what someone in the United States would be getting.

These overseas jobs available to Americans don't make up up for the number of jobs America is outsourcing to India but the numbers of Americans taking job overseas is growing. NBC News says that 100 U.S. graduates will start their jobs at Infosys' offices in Bangalore this Summer and this number is expect to climb to 200 by the end of 2006. Overseas jobs may be worth a look if you are willing to travel.


It's no secret that Warner Bros. is poised to slash dozens if not hundreds of jobs at its Burbank headquarters in the first quarter. The Time Warner Inc. studio will join a train of other entertainment companies including NBC/Universal and Viacom Inc. to cut costs across their operations in the face of tough industry economics and the deepening recession. To deal with the overriding cost back office duties, Warner Bros. will be outsourcing work on an international level.

Although the number and timing of layoffs at Warner is still being determined, it will definitely impact scores of "back office" workers in management information systems, finance and accounting. Many of those jobs will be outsourced to India and Poland, according to people familiar with the situation. Once Warner finalizes its plans, it will conduct training sessions with the outsource workers at its Burbank lot as well as at its various offices around the world.

Those with jobs in other divisions at the studio will also be affected, but at this point, it is unclear to what extent.

All department heads at Warner have been asked to come up with a specific plan to reduce costs in their respective divisions, which will include cutting travel and entertainment expenses, trimming marketing budgets and eliminating jobs. In 2005, Warner went through a similar top-to-bottom cost-cutting exercise to help shore up its bottom line in the face of declining DVD sales, flat movie ticket revenues and a less robust TV syndication market. That belt-tightening resulted in about 400 job losses -- more than 5% of the studio's total number of jobs -- around the world, including about 300 in Burbank. Warner Bros. employs around 8,000 worldwide.

Warner spokeswoman Sue Fleishman declined to offer any details about the current situations, saying "no decisions have been made." However in the bleak future that seems thebe the prospect for all Western, Warner Bros employees, the only thing that looks certain to them is that in one way or another, in the near or far future their company will most definitely be looking into, if not already, outsourcing work.


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