What Does SEO Do For Your Website?


Since the mid 90’s webmasters have been finding and creating ways to optimize their websites for search engines. Higher ranking within the search engines meant more traffic to their page, thus leading to manipulation of meta-tags and various other search algorithms. Search engines then needed to find a way to provide better results to users, and therefore developed highly complex algorithms less subject to manipulation. This is when SEO writing for web content came into major play.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, has quickly become one of the most widely used online marketing strategies around today. Anyone and everyone owning or running a Website have started using this unique marketing strategy to help their ranking throughout search engines and increase hits to their Site. The theory, as with earlier Search Engine Optimisation, is that with a higher ranking and generally more hits to their site on daily basis, will cause their business to see a higher return on profits.

Why SEO Works For a Website

Fundamentally SEO is used as a marketing strategy for Webmasters looking to increase their ranks on a search results page. Therefore, professional SEM firms (Search Engine Marketing) consider all sorts of variables to conclude what exactly will help a Website get into the top ranks of a search engines results page. A couple of these variables include speculation on how certain search algorithms function, as well as what exactly people are searching for to find such a Site. Based on what people could be searching for, certain keywords and unique content are made and placed throughout the text on the Website. Then, when those specific keywords or similar content is searched in such search engines as Google or Yahoo, the Web crawlers of those search engines will easily index the visited Site and shoot it up through the rankings on the results page. Changing the configuration, appearance, and coding aspects of the Website to appeal more to search engines, all assist in helping to prevent such problems.

The problem with Search Engine Optimisation now is that because it’s a huge industry, it has collected a huge population of cheap and disgraceful SEO “companies”. If they say they have “secrets” in SEO, it pretty much labels them as inexperience or they deal in black hat techniques. Search Engine Optimisation is not a secret, the process is simple, yet having an experienced optimizer and team is the real problem.

In order to start a successful SEO plan, the site must be SEO friendly. In many cases the site is not which is why the first month of SEO is critical. We need to go into your site and make it Search Engine Optimisation friendly by changing content, changing coding, and removing any issues that will not allow the search engine spiders to fully read your site.


Now if your site is using JavaScript/flash it’s more than likely whoever created your site isn’t experienced enough to make it Search Engine Optimisation friendly. We then have to rewrite the coding to make it SEO friendly on top of the normal work we need to do anyway. (This is why the real professional SEO firms have a set up fee).

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