How Does Search Engine Optimisation Work:


Content Is Everything

There tend to be two main approaches to SEO one is known as 'black hat' and basically involves trying to fool the search engines into ranking your site high up by exploiting loopholes in the algorithm (the formula that search engines use to work out rankings).  The other is using 'white hat' techniques, which is doing what the search engines actually want you to do and providing good quality websites.


Content is everything. What Google wants is an internet full of quality websites, filled with interesting information.  That is part of what it is trying to judge when it ranks websites.  Websites need content - information – meaningful words.  This can be a disadvantage for artists as a large part of our content is in the form of images.

When GoogleBot looks at your website is does not see how pretty the design is or how clever the Flash images are.  If you want to see an example of what Google thinks is good web design, look at their home page. Keep it simple.  Do not bother with Flash or anything fancy, it will only hinder your SEO efforts.
Your site structure too should be logical, so that GoogleBot has no problem finding all your pages. Start with your home page, and then have several links to different sections from there.  Each of these sections can then have several more links, so you build a tree-like structure.  If you go deeper than three layers of pages search engines may struggle to index the deeper ones.

Whatever stage you are at now will obviously determine where you go next with regard to Search Engine Optimisation.  If you already have a website, I truly hope it is ranking well and attracting many visitors. If not, you may wish to consider what would be involved in a serious overhaul, or whether you might be better off just starting again.

Where Do You Go From Here

If you want to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation, please ensure that you also read the other pages on this site covering the two other fundamental aspects of it, which are links and keywords.

If you are quite new to building and promoting websites, you may feel a little daunted by some of the information on these pages, which believe me is just the tip of the iceberg. Search Engine Optimisation is a MASSIVE subject, but you simply cannot ignore it if you wish to get traffic to your website. Unless you are wealthy enough to pay an SEO company to do this work for you, this means that there is a lot of work that you need to do yourself.

  • The good news is that there are a number of SEO tools available that can help save time with the main aspects of search engine optimization. You can find thousands of software programmers that claim to work miracles. It is very easy to go wrong with these and waste your money, so be careful. In terms of general SEO packages, which guide you through the steps you need to take and organise your activities, there are a few systems that stand out from the rest in terms of results and value for money.


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