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SEO is the common short form for Search Engine Optimisation.  This is the art of building or changing your website so that it is likely to achieve high rankings in search engine results.  In other words making it search engine friendly.  Search Engine Optimisation is a huge subject, and this is one of three pages covering the most important aspects of SEO. As this is part of an art related website some of the references are particular to artists, but the principles of SEO are exactly the same for any website about any subject. This page only covers one main aspect of SEO, so please ensure you read the other two in order to get a better understanding of how Search Engine Optimisation works.

Whether you are an artist or in any other type of business, it is practically impossible to operate effectively without a website. Even if your website is just for fun or information, you still want people to see it, and if you attract a reasonable number of visitors, you can earn money from it whatever it is about. If you already have a site, or are planning to create one, you will need your website to show up in the search results when someone is using a search engine to find whatever it is your site relates to.  If it doesn’t, then you will either have no visitors, or have to pay for advertising in order to get visitors.

It is said that if your site does not show up on the first three pages of Google search results it may as well not exist, and I have certainly found this to be true. There is an enormous amount of nonsense on the web about magical ways to zoom straight to the top of the search engines. Please be aware that there are no great secrets that will achieve results overnight.

There are some fundamental aspects of Search Engine Optimisation which you cannot avoid addressing if you want to achieve high rankings, though there are various tools out there that can help to make the job less arduous and time consuming.


Does your website contain words relevant to your business?

Sophisticated keyword tracking software allows us to monitor trends within your business sector to find out what keywords will help deliver qualified visitors to your site. Our Keyword research also ensures the density of keywords in your website encourages favorable listings by the search engine.

  • Keyword research can highlight common misspellings that can capture more visitors. Keyword research can offer an insight into areas of high traffic that can be used as business intelligence to help decide on potential new directions.


    Links Seem To Be Important, How Do I Get Them?

    Correct, links are important but don't confuse quality with quantity. 10 or 15 links from quality relevant resources (pages) to your page will have a much bigger impact on how your page ranks than a 1000 low value links as sold by lots of SEO companies.


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