Disadvantages of SEO


There are disadvantages or risks associated with SEO on a website, and they are not often considered. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of making a website achieves top listings in the natural (unpaid) search results).


What are the disadvantages with getting someone to do SEO work on your website?


Extra costs: There are disadvantages and costs which come from having a highly visible website that appears near the top of the search results for many different searches. Cornish Web Services have had highly ranked website since 2003, and have firsthand experience of some of the disadvantages of having a website consistently near the top of the search engines.

Risks: There are risks associated with short term SEO or poor SEO work (or over-optimisation of your website causing it to be blacklisted and fall in search engine positions. There is a great risk to any website when poor SEO work is undertaken, and this increase when responding to unsolicited email marketing or phone calls suggesting optimisation of your website.


Disadvantages of SEO on a website

The following are all extra costs to your business as a result of having a website that appears high in the search engines.

SEO can increase website hosting costs


Highly ranked websites receive significantly more visitors than those which are invisible to the search engines. In our experience, increases in visitor numbers from 200% to several orders of magnitude are normal.  Large websites with lots of images / Flash / downloads may find their hosting provision needs increasing. This is normally only a problem with websites on very old host servers.

In reality cost implications are minimal and this is not a real disadvantage of SEO.

    A lot of risks are associated especially with poor and in short term SEO. However, there are a lot of chances that there is an increase of receiving unsolicited emails or maybe some phone calls that would suggest to optimize your website. Another disadvantage is paying extra costs. Some search engines would really take advantage with you and would charge you beyond what you expect to pay to them. And this will be an additional cost in your part as a website developer or businessman who wants to create a website that aims to market its products and services worldwide. If you aim to have a top high ranking in a popular search engine, then prepare yourself to pay extra costs.

  • But again, this would really depend on the kind of SEO Company you hire to do the job. Another disadvantage of SEO is that it would create a lot of website sales or leads. Well it cannot be denied that leads and sales are needed to boost up your website but too much of it can add up to your costs. Well, the aim of website developers really is that they want website users to, frequently visit their website but this may be a disadvantage in their part. Most high ranked websites receive more insignificant visitors or website users than those of their targeted customers or website users. Naturally, there will always be some disadvantages and advantages of having Search Engine Optimisation work for you.


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