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If you’re following business trends with any level of interest at all, you’ll have noticed how many opportunities there are to outsource your business processes. Search Engine Optimisationis no exception. We are bombarded daily with the promise of more for less: outsource your SEO for a third of the in-house cost or even less, we are told.


But what are the pros and cons to outsourcing a critical online business process like SEO to a remote company thousands of miles away? If you can do your Search Engine Optimisationfor a third of the cost then you’re saving money.

First of all let’s take a very quick look at what’s involved in the process of SEO:

  • Competitive analysis (looking at the competition online to see how good they are, and how much work is needed to get in front of them)
  • Keyword research to ensure that you’re being searched for the most relevant keywords for your business
  • Tag and title optimization
  • Search Engine Optimisation copywriting


If you look at the example below, which is an actual email I received from an Indian outsourcing firm offering me outsourcing services, you will notice a few things. First, the language is a little ‘archaic’ when compared to the language we use in the US and the UK. It may seem almost imperceptible, but when you’re talking about your company’s ‘Brand’ are you sure you’d want to leave the language to someone who may be missing the finer points?

Take a look at the process of SEO again. Can you see how dependent these processes are on language? It is, in my opinion, highly probable that products would use a slightly different set of keywords in India than they would in the English-speaking West for just about everything. Just as if we could roll back in time about fifty years and take the Internet with us, we’d use different keywords than we do today because our language has changed.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must for every website which is online. Without optimization your website will not enter the first few search result pages of the search engine. Hence your prospective customers will not be able to locate your website. Our company has been into SEO Services since 1997.We have 10 years of experience in organic SEO.

  • We can offer you trained SEO Executives who can help you Full time in your SEO Work. We have 40 Skilled SEO Executives working with us. They are well trained in onsite optimization as well as various methods to build links. Outsource SEO work to us and reduce your manpower cost up to 60%. In return sell Search Engine Optimisationservices to your clients all much cheaper prices than your Competitors. Offering affordable SEO services will help you increase sales drastically.


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