Offsite Search Engine Optimisation


Offsite optimisation consists of the work we do off the website, such as link building, article marketing, PR and social book marking.


How does it work?
Link building is the process where one website refers to another via a link. This link permits a user to navigate directly from their site to your website using a single click.


Offsite optimisation is an integral part of any ongoing SEO project. There are a variety of benefits to why link building campaigns which can greatly boost your rankings within search engines:

    • Google considers every link pointing towards your website as a vote of popularity
    • The more popular your site is, the higher your website will rank
    • Link building can generate unique visitors which helps in search engine rankings
  • The more your site’s link/name is exposed, the better. This helps build brand awareness
  • Search engines prefer links from websites that are relevant to your content, the more of these relevant links the better.

Our approach to link building is based on our knowledge of Google best practice that states relevant content and inbound links are essential for a high ranking site.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consists of 2 main elements:
1) Onsite SEO or onsite SEO
2) Offsite SEO or link building.


Google places more emphasis on offsite optimisation than the other search engines making offsite SEO very important.


Quality of links to a website is much more important than the quantity. You will rarely see a website in 1st position on Google have the most number of links! A website linking to your site is like a vote. The better quality of votes, the better for your search engine positioning. Furthermore increasingly with offsite SEO 1 way links and not reciprocal links are much more powerful. Google considers a reciprocal link (you link to a site and they link back to you) as an attempt to manipulate its search engine rankings.

There are two main 'decent' links’ considerations:

  • Relevance - Having a link within a site or page that is relevant to the context of your product/service is weighted highly.
  • Importance and page rank of the site linking to you - All sites have a Google 'page rank'. The exact way this is calculated is not known to anyone except Google but it is thought that it is an indicator of how 'important' a site is. Generally if a site appears to be an established authority on a particular subject and has lots of similar/authority sites linking to it then the site is likely to have a very good page rank.


How do we achieve high quality links?

There are a number of ways which we can gain quality links to your site:

    • Submission to the major directories which you don't already have coverage on.
  • Article/press release writing and submission to relevant content/news sites. This is very powerful offsite SEO as your link is contained on sites/pages with lots of keyword rich content e.g. being a watch retailer and having a link on a website about pig farming is weighted much less than having a link on a site about watches. It is likely that the articles are going to be used as content on other sites therefore extending the benefit.
  • Social/business media networking. Contributing to content and discussions on keyword relevant sites is also very valuable. For example participating in a forum about your service/product with a link/s back to your site is very beneficial.


  • Site targeting - we can identify relevant websites, perhaps suppliers or clients, which may well place a link on their site. We will also look at who are linking to your high ranking competitor's sites and see if we can obtain links from the most relevant ones.

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