Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Planning


There are certain elements and efforts of Search Engine Optimisation that you can use in order to see movement that much quicker. Of course this all depends on what industry, position or vertical you are in and just how much competition exists in the online space.


Target Different Keywords

let’s face it, ranking for “web designer” is not going to happen too quickly. What kind of web designer are you? Where are you located? Change the direction of your keywords so that you can pull your website in different directions. Ranking for broad keywords is going to take a while no matter which niche you are in. Localizing or going for long tail phrases will allow your website to bounce and move around a little bit quicker.

Incorporate Different Tactics


You have to incorporate other elements to be successful online. Visibility and market penetration are important steps to marketing a web based business online.


Put a Plan Together


Is your marketing plan just shooting from the hip every month and not really thinking about it 100%? You need to have a structure to your marketing otherwise you are going to lose touch with it. Put a 12 month plan of attack on paper or in a spreadsheet and stick it every month. When it comes time to making adjustments and tweaks it will be much easier because you will already know what you have done.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about making things efficient and embracing a natural progression of growth online. The search engines like when they see a steady growth of marketing material without the appearance of forcing it like some search engine marketing campaigns.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Small Business SEO
With part four of my step-by-step guide, I’ll be covering the important planning and goal setting decisions that need to be taken before a new website launches. This article is particularly relevant to those who are planning a new internet based business, although other established small to medium size online businesses may find this information useful for reassessing targets and goals.

Position Based SEO Planning
An example of position based planning would be setting an objective of 100 top ten positions on Google within 6 months. Position based planning must be combined with in-depth keyword research and competitor benchmarking (I will discuss these areas in more detail Part Nine and Part Eleven respectively). Without analysing keyword competition and the strength of your competitors’ sites, it is unlikely that you will achieve many of your planned 100 top ten positions. Small business SEO strategies are most often position based as a reflection of clients’ wishes to secure specific placements for specific key phrases.


  • Volume Based SEO Planning
    An example of volume based planning would be setting the objective of reaching 5000 organic search visitors per month within 6 months. A volume based planning model may be more suited to website owners who are looking to achieve a return on investment from 3rd party advertising or affiliate marketing. An Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy based on volume can be very effective if high traffic keywords can be identified which have relatively low competition.

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