SEO is a Building Process


Building a business online is not a game or a one-time step; it is a process, just like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I use the analogy in my SEO trainings and workshops that SEO is just like building a house, layer over layer. There is a process to everything in life and building up the brand of a website online comes with a process that is calculated and strategic. Most importantly it is a marketing process and not a technical process for those who think a developer is required to get the job done.

SEO over simplified is nothing more than applying old school business communication tactics to new school technologies. The process of building up a business can sometimes be very lengthy and it can also sometimes happen overnight depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If your online business sits in a very competitive space things are going to take a bit longer to achieve and the process is going to be a bit longer.

SEO Myth, Search Engine Optimisation is a onetime step that doesn’t require any future follow up work. This is false, Search Engine Optimisation being a strategic building process requires time and energy to build a comprehensive SEO approach for any website. The process of Search Engine Optimisation for a website is supposed to increase marketing actions surrounding that particular website. Those marketing actions are what give your website the power it needs to climb through the search engines.

If you look at this process from a logical standpoint it is clear that it is not a onetime step. Since Search Engine Optimisation is not much more than the process of marketing a website online and it is something that is continued for the life of the business. Would you stop marketing your business because you felt like you had done enough to get some visibility? Most likely not and it is the same way you will operate with your Search Engine Optimisation efforts.


Search Engine Optimisation is a form of marketing that triggers a series of events online. You have to understand that ranking is one of those events out of a series of many other online marketing events. The ability to rank in the search results is not going to grow your entire business but it will help you creep along. Treating your website like a brand or business is going to allow your website to grow much stronger and quicker over time.

  • Link building is one of the most important SEO processes responsible to determine your site popularity in the eyes of Google. The greater the number of links your site has the easier it becomes for it to rank on the Search Engines Ranking Page (SERP). The first step in starting an SEO campaign for a website is competitor analysis and when you do this you need to find the number of links your competitor has and the next step is to out do that number of links.

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