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Outsourcing Companies and Bookkeeping

How much time and energy do you spend doing your own bookkeeping? What if there was a way to shift your focus from the computer to a more constructive area, such as managing your companies’ core tasks or building better customer relationships?  What if you were told companies are saving thousands of dollars, and allowed your staff to focus on the most pressing needs of the organization? Would this get you interested in using outsourcing companies?


Although outsourcing companies work of very cost effective this is not a scheme for companies to rapidly grow or get rich quick!  It deals with the business minded approach which allows your qualified employees to use there abilities to there potential, whether your firm has ACCA, CIMA or even AAT qualified employees.  Outsourcing provides quality certified employees to your company that specialise in the bookkeeping department.  Allowing you and your management teams to focus more on the financial data provided and make better more thoughtful decision to make your business grow.

Although your staff may be fully qualified professionals at the top end why have unskilled accountants on your lower ranks? With outsourcing you can save yourself office space and yet have skilled employees allowing you not to take time out for training and other unnecessary duties such as double checking there work prior to using it for your own use.  Employing someone who is unqualified and requires training can be harmful to yourself and your employees alike.  In the long run this can have disastrous effects on your company should you be audited.  If having an unqualified employee does a mistake which is overlooked it could lead to the companies’ finances and reputation being damaged.

All outsourcing companies employ not only fully trained but also experienced bookkeepers.  These candidates for your company reflect with quality work within deadlines and work the same time as you are.  So communicating with them is not an issue. 

Using outsourcing companies to employee bookkeepers is on the increase as companies realise that it is possible to get better and already trained staff compared to spending time, money and resources to recruit and eventually train the ideal candidate.  Even then they are not guaranteed a capable employee.

The training provided to outsourced employees via there outsourcing companies is usually the professional qualification and also software training required to be competent at the task set for them.  Staff India only recruits employees who have qualifications such as AAT, ACCA or CIMA to name a few.  Along with this they are also trained in multiple software packages such as SAGE and Quickbooks.

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