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Outsourcing Companies and Virtual Assistants

The contracting of Virtual Assistants is the next big step for allowing businesses to cut costs while operating in an efficient manner. Many companies use outsourcing companies to outsource to provide there virtual assistant, the question posed by management is “why should we use Virtual Assistants?”


A Virtual Assistant provides any combination of tasks including administrative, technical and even creative services to their clients, acting as an independent contractor. They work from their own offices, cutting out the costs of office space, operations costs and employment taxes, all of which usually fall to the responsibility of the employer. However, this type of outsourcing allows businesses to reduce expenses and redirect certain tasks to Virtual Assistant so that key employees can focus of vital responsibilities.


Research is a vital aspect of marketing and valuable time can be wasted within a company by employees who do not have the training and skills to conduct efficient research or who are tasked with multiple duties where research is a fraction of their responsibilities. By outsourcing a Virtual Assistant to utilize research tools such as those offered by eBay, and Best Sellers at Amazon.com, and do nothing but research, a company can maximize its efficiency and stay ahead of the game.


Product Creation

While research tells a company how to fulfill the 4 P’s of marketing, Product, Price, Place (distribution) and Promotion, the product is what generates the profit. Many products can be constructed by Virtual Assistants. Videos and EBooks are two prime examples of products that a business can outsource the majority of the creation process. Virtual assistants can even offer a service or a product on demand where specs are provided. For instance, an eBook company can take requests from clients. The company can then turn around and contract the Virtual Assistant to write the eBook to spec.


Other products may not necessarily be sold for profit, but may be use to attract customers and drive traffic to the company so that they will be exposed to the actual product. Autoresponders and various website visitor freebie give-aways like free eBooks can also fall into the category of products even though they will not directly contribute to the company’s profit margin. Ecourses are another popular product that can be a free offering from the company or one of its products used for profit.

Sales & Marketing

A product can be top of the line, something that everyone needs or wants, but it does no good if no one ever sees it – if there is no promotion. A Virtual Assistant can be outsourced to conduct various aspects of the marketing process such as design and create websites, set up and manage affiliate programs, conduct the company’s online campaign and do various other sales and marketing tasks. Article marketing and blogging are both very popular and very effective methods of marketing. The Virtual Assistant can focus all energies on the marketing process, attending to details that may normally be ignored or missed by employees who are tasked with a variety of responsibilities.

By using outsourcing companies for outsourcing vital tasks to Virtual Assistants, businesses can delegate non core operations to experts that exist outside of the business. Moving Ahead Communications is breaking ground in providing businesses of any size a one stop shop for outsourcing through Virtual Assistants. From administrative duties, press releases, copywriting and marketing, to web content, auto responders and other tasks, Moving Ahead Communications meets the needs of businesses where it counts and they allow those businesses to utilize outsourcing companies and Virtual Assistants through three primary areas of business, research, product creation and sales and marketing, thus cutting costs and increasing efficiency and production.


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