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Outsourcing Companies in Accounting

This is by far a popular method used by all companies.  Essentially accounting firms act as an outsourcing company providing services to those that require it.  Not many companies in the UK do there own accounting as it is very tedious and one simple mistake can result in a big problem both within the company and also externally.  With companies being audited regularly a lot of small and medium businesses use external accountants to deal with there finance. 



Any company that has clients is an outsourcing company. They provide services to other companies.  Accountants will always have clients and is probably the UKs biggest outsourcing solution.

Benefits of using outsourcing companies


There are many benefits for using outsourcing companies for accounting purposes in businesses.  If you employ a full time accountant to your business to take care of day to day duties it could be beneficial as they have a hand in the company.  This can also lead to the employee making more of an influence then required as they have full access to the finances of your business. 

Also if you don’t previously have a qualified accountant or a current employee who understands what’s happening then there are training overheads you need to consider as well as the degree you expect your work to be completed to.  Using outsourcing companies or accounting firms you are guaranteed an experienced individual to overlook your financial situation and advise you appropriately. 


Cost reduction is a major reason why companies consider outsourcing. The savings come from the need for fewer corporate employees, especially expensive accounting specialists. Less office space and no accounting software, servers, phones are some reasons companies outsource accounting. The company owner is no longer dependent on key accounting personnel or bothered with turnover, absenteeism or other employee problems. Those responsibilities are turned over to the outsourcer.

  • On the other end, outsourcers can leverage economies of scale to realize savings. Companies accounting, which is a "back office" function to an operator, is a "front office" function to the outsourcer.

  • To be successful, the outsourcer must become extremely efficient and proficient at receiving, handling and processing accounting transactions and meeting client expectations.


  • Outsourcing companies often provide access to better technology than they could afford to develop or purchase on their own. For example, small independent operators today are using outsourcers to gain immediate access to their sales, purchases, payroll, P&Ls and other key operating information over the Internet. Their daily transactions are integrated directly into the outsourcer's accounting system without having to be manually keyed.

    Managers often report they prefer dealing with an outsourcer whose staff is much more customer-service oriented than most corporate accounting staffs.

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