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What Do Outsourcing Companies Do?


Outsourcing companies provide a range of specialized services to other companies. They document client requirements, outline the work process, estimate the completion time frame and costs involved and complete and deliver the work. In the early years of outsourcing, the outsourced services were centred around business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing. Increased modes of communication and improved technologies have now made outsourcing a viable option in a variety of other sectors as well.


The services offered by outsourcing companies can range from business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing to customer relations management, human resources management, and finance and accounts management. Aside from these, outsourcing companies may undertake outsourcing projects in research and design, raw materials and manufacturing, sales and marketing, and packing and shipping. Other outsourced areas include health and pharmaceutical business process outsourcing, and animation and creative industry outsourcing

There are inshore, near shore and offshore outsourcing companies. Inshore outsourcing companies are located in the same country as the outsource company, and may be local, regional or national companies. Near shore companies are located in a neighbouring country and may have a common language and work culture with the company that out sources the outsourcing project. Offshore companies may be located in another continent and may have a different language and work culture.

Many companies do not have the economic resources to invest in expensive technologies and training that would be needed if the outsourced projects were to be done in-house. The outsourcing companies, on the other hand, usually have the technological capabilities as well as the specialized skills to concentrate on particular work aspects and give world-class results. Another issue is the time saved by the company outsourcing the work; they can direct that time and their resources towards developing other important business aspects. They can also make use of their contacts and business know-how in the developing countries to expand their company on an international scale


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What Do Outsourcing Companies Do?...Read More

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