Grow your business by Outsourcing Work to India

An alternative to hiring employees in your office

Smart Companies are outsourcing work to India saving 80% on costs

There is a reason why smart companies prefer to outsource work or hire contractors. Hiring employees comes with some hidden costs, as well as the salary that needs to be paid, such as:

- National Insurance Contributions
- Pension contributions
- Employee Tax
- Office space
- Desk and computer equipment
- and more...

Outsourcing work to virtual staff at Staff India allows you to eliminate these costs. As you are contracting staff from us, you only pay for their salaries, nothing else.


What is outsourcing really like?

Humor yourself with this 3 minute teaser we created.

Some Benefits of Outsourcing work to Staff India

Although an outsourced virtual employee works directly for you; legally the outsourced virtual employee is employed by Staff India. Thus you have no obligations with respect to tax, insurance, employee benefits or employment law.
When outsourcing with Staff India you pay nothing until you decide to actually go ahead and hire an outsourced virtual employee. Staff India doesn’t charge you any start up fee; you incur no costs when we recruit virtual employees. You only pay the outsourced virtual employees monthly salary.
We ensure your virtual team is available to work during your business hours. If you are in UK, your outsourced team will work 9am-5pm GMT time. If you are in USA, your outsourced team will work 9am-5pm EST time. We can adjust your outsourced team's working hours based on your needs.
You can request your outsourced virtual employee to work any shift, whether it be during normal office hours in your country or normal office hours in India.
Staff India is a UK company, and our advisors are based in UK. Your advisor is here to make your outsourcing experience as comfortable and smooth as possible for you.

Here are some FAQ's on Outsourcing with Staff India

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our clients. We believe this honesty results in you having the right expectation, thus resulting in a longer lasting relationship.

Yes. All employees abroad are synchronised to work when you are working. Our offices are open 24 hours a day, so you outsourced team can work when you want them to work.
The fee quoted to you is the full and complete cost. The fee charged covers everything from, the Employee’s salary, office space, office equipment, internet connection, telephone, management services, technical support etc.
We will provide employees who can deliver for your job specification. If however an employee does not deliver to the expected standard you, we can replace the employee. This does not incur any extra costs to you. We are generally very accurate in selecting employees for your virtual team as we understand the culture and job market well.
Your outsourced team will work from our supervised offices around the indian region. We provide the infrastructure for them to work with you, and ensure they are working and reporting to you accoridngly.

Hear what our clients have to say about outsourcing to Staff India

We respect our clients confidentiality, however some of our clients have happily done some recordings for us.

Support and Protection for you when you Outsource

We are here to support your business, not to make things harder for you. Outsourcing work to India can seem daunting, our team of managers and Consultants are always available to help you.

We know the distress and difficulty caused when individual virtual workers/freelancer abandon your project. Our job is to protect you and your business from disruption. If something goes pear shaped we will handle it, even if this means giving you another virtual employee to meet a deadline with the cost on us.

Security and reliability when Outsourcing work to India

Protecting your intellectual property, data and trade secrets is a top priority at Staff India. Never have we had any adverse incident with client work. Have you noticed how we don't even have any testimonials on our website? We do not like disclosing anything about our clients. Period.

Worried about the reliability of virtual employees? Our managers and Consultants are accessible all the time to help you get the best out of your virtual employees. You are not alone, we ensure you get the results you want.

Meet outsourced employees Mick and Colleagues

Mick and his team work with a client on providing website support for their client.

Mick and his team are always keen to start engaging with their customers as they feel they belong to a wider team.

Meet outsourced employees Sam and Colleagues

Sam and his team work with a client in Europe providing support to 'their' customers via chat support.

Sam speaks to Client Manager on a daily basis to update her on their findings each day.

Request more details on outsourcing work to India

Get in touch and an advisor based in UK will contact you to give you more details to help you make a decision.