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Managing Remote Employees

Learn what things to consider when managing remote employees working for your company. Be sure you use the right techniques and methods to ensure you are getting the best out of your remote employees.


Newsletters on Outsourcing

Browse our newsletters on outsourcing to help get a some insight into what outsourcing will be like with Staff India.


Outsource IT

Probably the most popular outsourcing job on currently - outsourcing Web Developers. Outsource all aspects of your IT and save thousands every year. IT Outsourcing involves everything from Web Developers, SEO, SMM through to Administrative roles.


Offshore Outsourcing

outsourcing work is a very popular way to save on costs. Whilst large companies can only afford this, outsourcing work as become possible for SME's today by the help of companies such as Staff India.

Read more on how outsourcing offshore can help you save thousands every year.


HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing has been growing rapidly of the last few years. Many multi-nationals have outsource HR departments to the India Sub Continent. Today SME's are also able to outsource HR Departments with Staff India.


Outsource Call Centers

By far the oldest part of businesses to be outsourced. The big corporations have outsourced thousands of jobs in recent years. Banks, Telephone companies, Telemarketing companies etc.

Now SME's can also have Small Call Center teams with Staff India.


outsourcing work

Most SME's can't figure out how to outsource work. For this reason the bigger companies who tend to be ahead of the game have successfully done this for years and reporting milllions extra in profits. Read more on how to outsource work for SMEs.


Call Centre Jobs

Learn more about Call Centre Jobs and how they work. What does a Call Centre Job entail? How do businesses benefit and how do employees in the Indian Sub Continent benefit?


Data Entry Jobs

Perhaps the second largest outsourcing activity, Data Entry, a cumbersom, monotonous job that needs to be done, for data keeping etc. Find out more how you can outsourcing Data Entry from your company.


Help Desk

From telephone help desks, to email help desks, to remote assistance. Today it doesnt matter where your customer support team is based, find out how shifting to an outsourced team around India can save you thousands.


SEO, Search Engine Optimisation

As we become more reliant on the internet, SEO companies are growing extremely fast and now there are thousands serving almost internet company out there. SEO allows internet companies reach the top of search engines so that they can get clients searching for a product they have. If you are an SEO company you need to read about outsourcing work now.


Virtual Office

A concept initially evolved to serve nationally around the UK. Today virtual offices have gone offshore. Read more to learn how a virtual office set up can save your business thousands every year.


Outsource to India

Why outsource to india and not outsource to other parts of the world? India has the resources that every business needs. Today along with China the indian economy is taking the world by storm. Move with the trend before its too late.


Outsource to an employee in our offices, without having to
spend time and money on offices, finding employees and setting up abroad.