Why hire Virtual Employees from Staff India

The full and complete cost of outsourcing with Staff India is £2.99 per hour, (typical cost). Outsourcing with Staff India will thus enable you to considerably reduce your costs on employee salaries.


Outsourcing reduces your overhead costs

A virtual employee works from Staff India’s offices around the Indian sub-continent. Staff India equips your employee with all the office hardware they require to work for you, e.g. PC, scanner, printer, phone etc...

Furthermore, all office infrastructure is also provided and maintained by Staff India e.g. fast internet connection, 24/7 technical support, office space, desks, electricity, a/c etc…

Outsourcing thus considerably reduces your overhead costs, for you do not invest in any such hardware or infrastructure. Additionally you are not required to maintain or upgrade your employee hardware/infrastructure.

No Tax, Insurance, Employee Benefits or Legal Obligations

Although a virtual employee works directly for you; legally the employee is employed by Staff India. Thus you have no obligations with respect to tax, insurance, employee benefits or employment law.

Ongoing Consultation to maximise outsourcing efforts whilst saving cost
Our Consultants will continually provide support to help improve the efficiency of your virtual employees. Our Consultants will aim to guide you in outsourcing, how to manage your employee remotely, how to monitor performance etc.

Cost-reduction in addition to Quality Service and Time:
Staff India provides low costing but very talented professionals. The costs are low but the quality of work high and the turn around time fast.

Low Cost Educated Professionals:
Staff India provides educated and talented professional employees at a typical cost of £299 per month. Hiring professionals has never been so low costing.

Staff India pays your Virtual Employee on your behalf:
Staff India pays your virtual employee on your behalf. Staff India is a Staff India brand, we have had our offshore offices for 4 years with highly talented individuals working for us. De Vere is a reputable and registered UK company; hence you can outsource and make payments with confidence. You do not make any payments to an unknown person located thousands of miles away; but to an established UK company which abides by UK laws.

No Start up Fee:
When outsourcing with Staff India you pay nothing until you decide to actually go ahead and hire an employee. Staff India doesn’t charge you any start up fee; you incur no costs when we recruit employees, discuss your requirements, send you resumes or schedule candidate interviews.

Outsource Any Office work: Back Office or Front Office Work:
Staff India can provide you with any office employee in any field of work. Whether you want to outsource a specialist or back office position, with Staff India you can outsource from data entry to nuclear physics. All your outsourcing requirements are thus in one place.

Employees work any Shift: Time Zone Advantages:
You can request your Virtual Employee to work any time shift, whether it be during normal office hours in your country or normal office hours in India.

Read the full list of benefits at www.staff-india.com/outsourcing-benefits.html