Staff India Offices and Facilities

At Staff India we provide your potential employee with fully equipped offices so you don’t have to. This includes office space as well as high quality office equipment.

This equipment provided includes the following;

VOIP phone - VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it allows you to make free telephone calls over the Internet. You can call any telephone in the world and any telephone can call you – regardless of what equipment or network the person you are calling uses

PC – We provide up-to date computers to staff, whist regularly updating the versions of Microsoft Windows they use.

Printer/Scanner – We provide state of the art printing equipment, including all print paper and ink.

Office stationery – We provide all office stationery from pen and pencils to files and post-its to help staff to keep organised whilst working for you.

Office space – We provide staff with spacious, air-conditioned offices to work from. In this day and age it can be very costly to rent premises for your employees to work in. Outsource with us and we will take care of this.

With a PC, the internet and a phone, most daily errands can now be done remotely. Staff India provides your employee with a local telephone number from your country and thus your personal assistant is only a phone call away. Furthermore, as the world continues to embraces the internet, the possibilities of what work your personal assistant can do from India are limitless.

Concentrate on what is important to you by outsourcing your tedious yet time consuming tasks.
Staff India will get the employee(s) with the right qualifications, credentials and experience in the field of work you want to offshore. All our employees are educated to degree level, highly computer literate and capable individuals.