Outsource Jobs with Staff India - How it works

Outsourcing Jobs made Simple and stress free

At Staff India, we have made the outsourcing process very simple. Your Advisor will do everything for you, whilst you sit back and relax.

You dont have to worry about reading resumes, conducting interviews etc, your advisor who understands the offshore culture and has many years experience working with offshore employees will handle all this for you.

Outsource Jobs to Staff India - a step by step guide easily & painlessly


Get in touch to Discuss your needs with an Advisor in UK


Your Advisor will tell you everything you need to know before you decide to move forward

We want to transparent and honest with you to help establish the right expectation. We find this results in a longer lasting relationship.


Once you are happy to move forward
Sign our Terms of Business

Your Advisor will do most of the legwork for you so that you don't have much paperwork to do to get started on outsourcing.


Your Advisor handles the candidate selection process for your outsourced team

Your Advisor will be someone who has worked with offshore employees for a number of years. Think of him/her as your offshore recruitment specialist. They understand the job market, the people, the culture. Your Advisor will select the most suitable candidates for you. Which also means less work for you!


Your outsourced team is briefed on the job scope


Your Advisor connects you with your outsourced team

You will have direct access to your virtual team member and delegate work directly, giving you full control.


Your outsourced team members can contact you directly to discuss work


You start working with your outsourced team on the agreed start date

We aim to get your team up and running with you on the date you specify. Making outsourcing a comfortable experience for you.


Your Advisor checks in regularly with you and your outsourced team

We don't just leave you alone. Your Advisor is always there to support you and advise you.


You can contact your advisor anytime you need support & guidance