Reduce your business costs by 80% Guaranteed

In these turbulent times, with budget strings being tightened ever tighter, outsourcing is fast becoming the preferred model among businesses looking to focus on their core competencies as well as reduce business costs, decrease staff salaries and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business.

In highly industrialized countries, costs of wages and of facilities can be high, and companies may pay a fraction of this price elsewhere, while still employing workers who are just as skilled. For companies looking to cut expenses, staff costs, office space etc, Outsourcing can be a viable means of accomplishing this, while still allowing a company to pay for more expensive employees in the country in which it was established, to handle the more important aspects of the business.

Many big companies as well as SME’s are more frequently outsourcing work to offshore destinations like India, China and the Philippines in order to reduce their overall business costs. Many businesses have a combination of local employees and outsourced employees.

How are costs reduced? - Reduced staff salaries one of the biggest overheads in human capital intensive business

To ensure smooth operation of the business, a team ready to be committed and be paid proportionally to their qualification and specialization is needed. This can be very costly to the business owner however; these costs may be largely reduced or even excluded from the start, if the companies choose to outsource these services to a company like Staff India.

Reduced  administrative costs
Hiring and maintaining an efficient team involves not only costs with salaries but also costs with:


Utilities: gas, light, electricity

Communications: telephone, Internet

Catering: water, coffee, etc.

Furniture (desk, chair, shelves, etc.)

Consumables (paper, stationery, etc.)

Computers(in addition with licenses for various programs including Windows, Office, accounting and payroll software, etc.) and IT support

Cleaning services

Staff India can help you reduce your business costs

By choosing to outsource these services with us, these costs can be reduced or even totally eliminated. Outsourcing with Staff India allows you to concentrate on what they do best, be more flexible and manage growth effectively. If managed successfully, outsourcing can help reduce business costs tremendously whilst also making effective use of outside expertise and technologies. Today many SME's are hiring virtual employees from us. We provide staff to work remotely from our offices around the world for your company.

  • You can employ a person to work full time for you from only £299 salary per month.

  • You can replace Administrators, Marketing staff and many other jobs by hiring the equivalent employee from our office abroad.

  • Employees work from our offices around the world so you do not incur overheads.

  •  Employees work Full Time solely for your company during the contract period.

  • You can communicate instantly via email and Skype for FREE.
    You can do video calling for FREE.
    It is just like having your own employee in your office.

  • Request more details on outsourcing work to India

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