How Staff India Recruit Virtual Employees for You

Our staff are specially hand picked by our directors. Our staff go through a 3 stage interview process. This ensures we select the most capable candidates to work for Staff India and eventually for our clients.


Stage 1:
A screening phase where hundreds of applicants will be assessed for the basic English and Maths skills. The test is at GCE level and applicants need a 95% pass rate in order to pass this stage.

Stage 2:
A one to one interview with our Managers to assess the applicants intelligence, enthusiasm, dedication and motivation. The interview will last for 20-30 minutes, giving the manager adequate time to assess whether the potential Virtual Employees have what it takes to work for Staff India.

Stage 3:
A workshop day to filter the best of the best through simulating a real working day for a UK company. They will carry out the obligations of a full working day and be assessed on how much work they produce and whether or not they can handle the pressure.


All our employees are educated to degree level and possess good English speaking and writing skills.

All our employees are computer literature possessing competent skills in usage of MS Windows, MS Office and various other packages as well as extensive exposure to the internet. The vast majority of the day to day work of our employees is computer based.

We also have employees that specialize in specific work fields, such as Web Development, Bookkeeping, Marketing etc. Our employees undergo regular training with the view to improve their knowledge and skills with the ever changing global market

Once employed by You

It is important that you provide clear definitive roles for your Virtual Employees in our offshore offices. Our Consultants will guide you throughout the term your Virtual Employee works with you on ways to maximise performance from your Virtual Employee, monitoring progress and ensuring work is done.

It is important you give attention to your Virtual Employee, strive to improve their skill set and knowledge. Ongoing training on the job is important, again our Consultants will help you develop simple yet effective ways of delivering content to your Virtual Employees.