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Several small social media agencies that outsource to India are now designing and executing entire social media campaigns for international clients. Several Indian players, like Mumbai based Informm, even offer sophisticated online brand monitoring solutions.


A surprisingly high percentage of the development work for social networking sites built on content management systems like Drupal and Joomla is offshored to Indian players, like Ahmedabad-based Gloscon. Similarly, I won’t be surprised if a high percentage of blog and website design work on freelance websites like Elance, oDesk and Guru go to small Indian freelancers like Blog Design Studio.


More Indian corporate will use social media tools to engage with their customers. With the inevitable cuts in marketing budgets, more Indian corporate will turn to social media to reach their consumers in a meaningful way. These initiatives will include better listening via social media monitoring, more transparency via corporate blogs and Twitter profiles and higher engagement with customer communities on social networking sites.

  • How can we thank the Internet more for making our lives, our businesses and overall activities much smoother and easier! With Internet we are in a position of bridging any impossible distance in space across the world and with the gaps being easily shrunk to nothing, hiring outsourcing services has become common in today’s corporate world. Particularly, software outsourcing in India has been a booming industry for the past decade or so and Karmick Solutions has become a great name in the said scene.

  • Indian players in the field of software outsourcing are making immense grounds and good clientele over the past few years. In fact, of late, the American companies are actually outsourcing most of the IT and back office jobs to the fast developing nations like India and China. The reason for India’s lead in this run for outsourcing services bagging is simple great services at minimal cost. If you have decided to hire services of a software outsourcing company in India, you can rest assured to receive top quality services without having to burn your pocket.

  • Normally concerned with the business of either the betterment of an existing system or for introduction of a new one, the services of a software outsourcing company in India are hired by many companies globally as a key for improved technology and business support. Playing a key part in the success determination of any business, any good website design company in India allows you to choose the best commercial deals.

  • While U.S companies struggle to figure out how to monetize social media, India’s tech industry has quietly figured out a way to make hundreds of millions (maybe billions) by servicing it. Everything from simple comments on blog posts, to breaking sophisticated Google CAPTCHAs, Craigslist listings, Gmail invites, Yahoo personals, My Space profiles, YouTube uploads, Facebook friends, and now I hear Twitter tweets are all being performed in India on behalf of social networking sites, blogs, photo sharing, video, and other social media and Web 2.0 sites that depend heavily on online advertising as a revenue source are using these services to boost traffic and users.

  • Even as we see several innovations in location based mobile social networking internationally, the adoption of such services in India will be minimal, even with the launch of 3G and flat data rates. Text and voice will continue to drive mobile usage in most of India and we will see the emergence of at least one major SMS based mobile social network in India.


  • Several focused knowledge process management (KPO) companies are offering social media outsourcing services in one form or another. Chennai based PreMedia offers offshore content development services. New Delhi based Bettersense Outsource offers ad posting services. Bangalore based 2Adpro offers offshore advertising design and production services. Ahmedabad based Info Analytica offers user generated content marketing solutions. There are several other small to medium sized KPOs offering similar services and even large KPOs like Evalueserve are now entering the business.

  • Over time, these players will develop expertise in specific industries and functions. Hyderabad based Pressmart, for instance, offers new media content delivery services for newspapers and counts Birmingham Post, CNBC Europe, Bangkok Post, The Sun, Hindustan Times, Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express, and Lokmat as clients.

  •  Social media outsourcing will we widely seen as the next big outsourcing opportunity for India. In 2009, the volume of consumer generated media will increase, social media engagement processes and metrics will evolve and budgets will continue to decrease. All these three trends will drive large international brands to seriously evaluate outsourcing parts of the social media value chain to countries like India. We will also see more Indian firms pursue the opportunity in a structured manner and social media outsourcing will be widely seen as the next big outsourcing opportunity for India.

  • Some of the advantages of software outsourcing in India can be listed as follows:

      • Top quality services – You will be assured of receiving top quality services from our excellent pool of expertise. Talented and experienced, each of our professionals provide the best and the most competent services.
      • Minimal cost – If you have decided to receive outsourcing services from a web development company in India, you will enjoy immense financial benefit as a web developer in India will charge much less than one in the US.
      • 24×7 communication with clients – Easy communication through e-mails/IM/phone is possible if you are receiving services from a website development company in India. Fast and immediate communication options are available for your benefit.
      • No infrastructure cost – Since you are being rid of setting up a home based infrastructure your cost is curtailed to a strikingly low margin.
      • State of art equipment – Any software outsourcing company in India will make sure that you get the services of state-of-art technology and equipment.
      • Excellent pool of expertise – The programmers/designers at the web design companies in India are extremely talented, well qualified and dedicated.
      • Opting for software outsourcing is today considered as one of the most advantageous devices to run a business successfully. Bringing best business deals, these companies are determined to use utmost of resources.
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