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Every second at least one new blog is created somewhere in the world such as India. Even more intriguing is the way the search engines change the way they view and judge user generated content. Blogging effects SEO from more than one angle. User generated content, site structure and link building is all effective attributes to the usefulness of a blog in the ranking capabilities of a website.


For starters, blogging is a powerful new medium that can be used best when it is understood thoroughly, for a host of different purposes such as:

  • Revenue generation
  • Getting feedback on a product that’s been recently launched in the market
  • Providing niche information that people would be interested in
  • Networking with individuals who share common interests
  • In this post-modern information age, blogging is one of the most effective ways of keeping up with competition.

  • There are tons of blogs out there on the Internet! Some of the various types of blogs that we can write are:

    • Lifestyle blogs that are focused on analyzing the changing trends and bringing readers up to speed on the latest hype in food, travel, shopping, cinema, fitness, etc.
    • Blogs dedicated to reviewing gadgets right from basic routers to entertainment-related gadgets like video games and mobile phones.
    • Blogs that cater to the bookish audience - providing reviews of best-sellers, keeping readers posted on book readings and launches, reviewing movies and posting interviews with the big names in the circle.
    • Niche blogs that focus on specific topics such as health and wellness, parenting, technical advice, travel, food and restaurants and many more.

    They also possess an in-depth knowledge of blogging as a marketing tool and are familiar with other useful tools and marketing gimmicks involved in publicizing blogs. They are also well-networked through various social networking sites, other high-traffic blogs and common interest forums, thereby enabling them to easily draw readers to any blog they write for.

  • 1. Outsourcing Blogs - These services produce highly relevant affordable content tailored to your website specifically and available for publishing on your website's blog page. This blog should be very active and very readable.

  • 2. These services are a combination of content management and link building. These are considered very valuable to search engines since the compiled posts are a recorded conversation of user's thoughts.

  • 3. Outsourcing Social Media & Micro-Blogging - These services are great for industries with products, PR needs, community networking needs, political and social effort projects or websites.

  • Dedicated outsource blog writing and maintenance is available so that you have the opportunity to hire us to create a highly trafficked and readable blog that you will not have to keep up with or spend time creating great posts for. Dedicated outsource blogging functions create great rankings and build community for your website. We have dedicated bloggers and social media account managers who are experts at growing user generated content and social networks. To order our blogging services or to outsource social media contact us today for a detailed quote according to your managed or dedicated blogging and social media outsourcing needs.

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