Outsourcing web developer’s benefits



As the small office home office, small and medium enterprise and the big enterprises diversified its interest field in this ever changing technology scenario, they all prefer outsourcing to get advantage in this competitive market. There are many reasons behind for outsourcing of web site designing programs to the third world countries like India, China, Russia, Philippines and many others.


Among these countries, outsource to India is the most popular and convenient option. To get best quality service in a cost effective manner is the point of attraction for the offshore businessman. But there are some other reasons for you to choose an Indian company to design your web site.


The benefits of advertising for developers and designers globally are many. By building up a network of professional contractors, you not only decrease your running costs as each contractor is responsible for his own work environment and insurances etc, you also greatly expand your companies portfolio of skills that can be offered to clients.
  • By outsourcing project components to India you aren't efficient in, it will leave you with more time to focus on your core skills and further develop those.

    In advertising project components globally, you will also probably secure the best price possible for the work. India and Eastern Europe have many thousands of quality freelance programmers looking for work, and their rates are incredibly low in comparison to their Western counterparts.

    Challenges of outsourcing

    One of the major temptations of outsourcing is to approve the lowest bid in order to maximize profits. This is definitely not a good practice, especially when dealing with freelance developers and designers from other countries. If problems should arise it may be more difficult in having them rectified. Remember that your business reputation is on the line and if the designer or developer doesn't deliver, you could lose the client, and worse still, your business. 

  • This is not to say that all low bids will translate into poor quality work, but you need to research these bids carefully. How long has the company/freelance been around for? Do they have a portfolio? Do they have referees? What are their qualifications? If you are using an online collaboration service, read the comments left behind by other companies - these will give you some indication as to the competency and integrity of the freelance or company.

    The Internet, by and large, is still about written communication. If you have to spend hours correcting the grammar and spelling mistakes on a web page or in an online application, then the whole exercise is pointless. Even if the project components you want developed are only graphical, if the sub-contractor's use or comprehension of the English language is poor there is a risk they will not understand exactly what you want. A great deal of time will be lost in the to and fro of revisions. 

  • It's for this reason that I suggest that if you do intend to utilize contractors who haven't lived in the West or are from a country where Western culture isn't really prevalent, its best not to give them elements of the work relating to marketing without very strict specifications.

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