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Nearly 220 of global 1,000 customers serviced. Indian IT industry has grown from 6.4 Bill. IT enjoys top priority from the Government of India. Outsource to India is now the preferred country for offshore software development. 203 of the Fortune 500 corporations now use India as their development base, either through an outsourcing company or directly (Source: NASSCOM).

India is the world's second largest exporter of software (after the U.S.), and is the source of management and technical talent for over 40 percent of new start-ups in Silicon Valley. Thanks to its large English-speaking scientific and higher education institutions, specialist computer institutes, and low costs of software talent, India has more software companies with internationally acclaimed quality certifications than any other country in the world.

Furthermore, a World Bank funded study in the United States confirmed that vendors rated India as their number one choice for outsourcing. Other industry sectors have benefited greatly from their decision to outsource to India.

  • What is ASP?

    ASP was introduced by Microsoft in 1996 and is server-based technology. With ASP scripts it is possible to design dynamic, interactive HTML documents.

  • Advantages of ASP Programming

    The internet is becoming an increasingly powerful tool of communication. In an environment of constant flux it is crucial for information to always be up to date. ASP programming can produce advanced database driven websites like Barnes and Nobles www.bn.com and www.eve.com, websites that are capable of searching and sorting a database to find products, services, prices and other information.

With ASP technology, web pages can be interactive and receive information from a variety of sources. ASP scripts can retrieve data from databases, text files or even emails.


Outsourcing ASP Programming to Outsource to India

India is widely renowned for its wealth of expertise and knowledge in the domain of information technology. Programmers at Outsource to India are skilled, competent and fluent in ASP scripting. In most web projects, once the design and the specifications are clear the coding is easy to outsource. Outsourcing ASP Programming work to outsource to India is extremely beneficial as you will be offered quality work at competitive prices. To find out more about how to make your web site a vibrant and dynamic communication tool

  • ASP.NET is a web application that helps you create websites, web services and web applications with ease. We, at Outsource to India, have developed a competency in Microsoft ASP.NET Application Development and can cater to any ASP.NET development that your business requires.

  • Outsource to India’s Distinct Service Offerings

    Outsource to India’s team consists of experienced ASP.NET programmers and analysts who are capable of delivering services such as:

  • .NET System and Application Development
  • .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
  • Developing Web Services by using the .NET Framework and the SOAP toolkit
  • ASP.NET Consulting
  • ASP.NET Development
  • ASP.NET Application Development
  • ASP.NET Programming
  • ASP.NET Software Development

Outsourcing ASP Programming services to Outsource to India is extremely beneficial as you will be entitled to high-quality work at competitive rates, within a short turnaround time. We have over 9 years of valuable experience in providing services that are based on ASP.NET to our customers across the globe. Our team of programmers and analysts has expertise in .NET application development.

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