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In today’s challenging business environment, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their requirements for accounting services to expert vendors. Outsourcing to India can deliver superior results while minimizing costs at the same time. Adopting this strategy can also help you focus on strengthening strategic areas. Outsourcing to India offers a wide range of accounting services to suit diverse customer needs. Choose us as your bookkeeping partner and get access to the various benefits that we offer.


Outsourcing to India’s Bookkeeping Services are focused at helping our customers with the management, accounting and tax preparation needs thereby reducing their finance and accounts operating costs. Outsourcing to India’s personalized and professional online bookkeeping services cover the entire scope of bookkeeping and customers have the flexibility to choose what they require. We function just as customers' virtual back-office for all their bookkeeping and accounting work right from set-up, support, maintenance and consultancy with accounting. By outsourcing bookkeeping services to India, you can benefit from the cost advantages of Outsourcing to India's customized finance and accounting services.


  • Outsourcing to India’s accounting services
    Outsourcing to India believes in understanding its customers’ exact needs and developing a customized solution based on this analysis. Depending on your unique requirements, you can choose from a wide range of services:

      • Bookkeeping services
      • Write-up services
      • Accounts payable services
      • Financial reporting services
      • Accounts reconciliations services
      • Customer order processing services
      • Invoice processing services

Outsourcing to India will also benefit and help you on general accounting and bookkeeping services such as preparation and maintenance of day-to-day bookkeeping and monthly or quarterly accounts, where we act as your accounting bookkeeper. Preparation of financial statements for instance preparation of annual accounts for the statutory annual audit and periodic tax, sales tax, and other returns

  • As well it will help on payroll services, preparation of salary statements of employees, calculation of bonus payments, and administering of commissions. Outsourcing to India will support the cash forecasting services, analysis of the cash requirements of the business and forecasting cash requirements. Furthermore debt collection services, assistance for the recovery of debts and taking necessary legal action. Payments to creditors, assistance with making payments to creditors while leaving ultimate control with the management and cash handling services, assistance with treasury functions like operation and monitoring of high-interest deposits and current accounts
    In this way, Outsourcing to India provides a range of services to suit varied needs. In addition, we can also take care of small business accounting requirements.

  • Value-added Bookkeeping Services

    Apart from all the standard bookkeeping services, outsourcing to India will offer custom reports that enable customers to better analyze their revenue and expenses. A list of additional services provided is as follows:

    • Customer Reports: Reports on your customers that give you a quick view of who your most and least profitable customers are.
    • Employee Reports: Reports showing company expenses and/or revenue associated with individual employees and year-end reports showing what their employment costs the company.
    • Break-up of Expenses: Report on break-up of expenses categories, such as by product line, office or region.
    • Event Analysis: Reports on revenue and expenses associated with specific events.


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