Why outsource to India



The benefits of offshore outsourcing and particularly software services outsourcing to India are many. To begin with India is a nation that is brimming with youthful energy and holds huge talents in the sectors of information technology and other related fields. India gives you the advantage of English speaking youth who are both hard working and talented and has the best institutions that produce highly talented brains. Being an IT focused country, India has a technological edge over others and exports software to 95 countries world wide and can provide you with hi tech infrastructure for IT and other related technological services. In addition India being the largest democratic country has a stable government with extremely labor and investor friendly laws. No wonder big companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Prudential, Hewlett Packard, ATT Wireless, TransUnion, First Consulting Group (FCG), Dell Computer Support, Bell South, EDS, GE Capital, GE, IBM, Schlumberger, Qwest, Rand McNally along with 230 fortune 1000 companies outsource to India.

  • Low manpower costs, high quality of service, talented workforce, best infrastructure and advanced technology make outsourcing to India your best bet. This has been proved by the statistics of erp outsourcing 2003 India along with IT outsourcing India. Who said finding the perfect outsourcing destination was difficult?

  • India has now become the world’s most preferred outsourcing location expertise in global methodologies. Why outsource to India is because of cost-effective and quality services. The other reasons are high-quality services, reduced operating costs, greater flexibility, young and smart programmers, timely delivery, fast communication, 24 hours support, great pool of English speaking professionals, supportive government policies and more time to focus on core competencies.

India is also the global hub for IT enabled services, software development and online web site development. India fulfills the software requirement of 95 various countries. As India has a large technically skilled manpower and great pool of English speaking web programmers, it can provide cost-effective services without compromising on the quality part. India is technically superior compared to the other countries across the globe providing outsourcing solutions. The time zone difference of 12 hours between India and countries like U.S.A and Canada and 5.5 hours in UK be it software or web site development, is also one of the reasons for more outsourcing to India. This benefits the other countries to avail of a 24x7 service.

  • Why Company Outsource?    

    • Concentrate on your core business
    • Reduce your project cost compared to in house development
    • Reduce project overheads
    • Save time and money for finding skilled professional and infrastructure required for your project
    • Complete your project in time within budget
    • Fast Communication
    • Timely delivery of projects
    • Technology like ASP, PHP, ASP.Net, AJAX, ATLAS



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