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Most outsourcing experts and consultants would name India as “the place” for outsourcing. Even those who do not count India as the topmost outsourcing destination do not fail to see the sway this country has in the outsourcing industry. A World Bank supported study in the US seems to suggest just this. So have reports from consultants like McKinsey and Forrester.

Outsourcing to India need not be difficult at all. Outsourcing to India brings you all the advantages cost savings, high quality, lower operating costs, excellent time management and resource utilization. It will serve as the meeting point for all the above factors that have helped to make India a highly preferred outsourcing location all over the English speaking world.

You can quite confidently outsource a wide variety of content writing projects to India. India has a large number of graduates who speak English as a first language, who think in English and write fluently in English.

  • India’s thriving media and entertainment industry, combined with the IT revolution, has created a large pool of highly skilled and proficient creative and technical writers, journalists, story writers, script writers, copywriters, editors and proofreaders. India ’s leading newspaper, “The Times of India” is the second largest -selling English daily in the world. Well-educated teachers in India have the experience and qualification to write textbooks in English on most subjects.

  • India is by far the best choice for outsourcing English content development. No other country compares to the English speaking and writing capabilities found in India.

Here are some advantages of our offshore services:

Cost Effectiveness
India has a large pool of technically skilled workforce. This country places a high premium on education, particularly in the fields of science and technology and has a large number of universities, institutes and engineering colleges that cater to this demand. All this has resulted in a current annual output rate of 9, 50,000 degree/diploma holders.

  • Technically skilled workforce is comparatively much scarcer in the west, making it highly expensive. The vast human resource available in India on the other hand makes it far more economical to hire from India.

    Quality Consciousness
    The software professionals in India have exposure to the best and the latest in technology. They are used to working on cutting edge technology and have proved their mettle to the world in the last several decades. Therefore outsourcing to India helps to ensure that the best practices are followed in developing your projects.

    Time Factors
    India is mainly ideal for outsourcing as far as US is concerned. This is due to the 12 hour time difference between the two countries. By tying up with an Indian company, companies in US can ensure 24x7 services to their clients. Further, Indian companies are well equipped to handle pressures and short notice changes. Consequently deadlines are invariably met when work is outsourced to India.

  • Some Statistics Now
    The figures show it all. Already, 50% (i.e. about 250) of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are tapping into the software talent from India. The number of English speaking technical professionals in India, pitched at four million, is second only to USA. The leading software companies in India are really world class and to top it all the government policies are very outsourcing friendly.

    Outsource to India currently exports software solutions to above 90 countries. Already 82 percent of US companies have placed India as their first outsourcing choice. India is also one of the fastest growing economies all over the world and has a stable political environment.

    Therefore India is undoubtedly a very safe outsourcing destination for both quality and cost reasons


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