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At present challenging economic environment, businesses are looking at ways to reduce costs without compromising on quality. One way to do this is by outsourcing non-core functions like inbound call centers services to skilled. Outsource call centers abroad has extensive experience of working with diverse customers, which helps us develop solutions that fit your exact needs.



An inbound call centers is a premium service whereby the call centers is a true extension of your business with order processing ability and the responsibility of representing your brand with the same care as its business owners. Most calls directed to the center are generated from broadcast television advertising, telephone & telemarketing advertising, or print advertising.


Outsourcing call centers to India dedicated team offers a wide range of inbound contact centers services. We can help you maximize customer satisfaction by providing 24x7 phone answering services. We can also provide both up-selling and cross selling services to help you increase your sales. Some of our other services include order taking services, claims processing services, and product information request services.


Based on this, Specialty's inbound call centers service is the definition of what an inbound call centers should be, and more. We have the industry experience necessary to promote the ideals of your brand and a laundry list of satisfied blue chip corporations and small businesses to prove it. We are able to manage everything from dealer locate to credit card processing to product packaging and shipping, and everything in-between.

Inbound Call centers Service
Specialty's inbound call centers service has revolutionized concept of an inbound call centers. Our account representatives will be your guide from setup to account management to account maintenance. With your guidance, we will train our operators about your product and how to manage your campaign's calls. Beyond superb customer service and support, upon request we will provide you with references of clients served and welcome you to check our background and how we service current clients and past clients.

The operators that will manage your inbound calls have no thick accents that can turn off clients and the telephone connection will sound clear as opposed to sounding far away and drowned out. If you need some quick reasons why you should consider Specialty Answering Service as your inbound call centers solution, here are a few:

  1. They can manage both low volume and large volume accounts.

  2. Each account receives personal attention.

  3. They customize each account to the individual company.

  4. Able to manage every inbound application from order taking to web site live chat support.

  5. Always provide 24/7 live customer service attention.


  • Benefits of outsourcing inbound customer services

    Partnering with Outsource2india will help you:

    • Maximize customer satisfaction by quickly resolving any customer queries

    • Access a team of dedicated resources that you may not have in-house

    • Leverage our state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology

    • Provide quality services – we follow a stringent quality assurance (QA) process to ensure quality

  • Our inbound customer services can help you save costs as well as free your precious resources. You can focus on strengthening core competencies while we ensure that there is increased commitment in our inbound call centers solutions. With us as your inbound contact center partner, you can gain a competitive edge among your competitors.


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