What You Need to Know About Call centers Outsourcing


Call centers pioneers call centers outsourcing solutions to small to large enterprises. Companies delivers all type of customer care services including voice, live chat and email support, technical, helps desk support, product technical information and toll free response services which have been recognized and awarded by the call centers industry across the world, clients, and partners for quality in customer service.

Our inbound call centers services provide an upsurge to the productivity and your business while leveraging India's advantage of being premier outsourcing hub. Our call centers offshore services and varied range of call centers outsourcing solutions is high on productivity, results and quality but low on costs.

When the holiday season was over, the company's outsourced call centers had experienced a 24 percent abandonment rate, effectively destroying the catalog's seasonal business.  "While call centers problems can happen anywhere, it's a situation that is exacerbated by having your call staff in another part of the world," Barry says.

While today's biggest brands, from Time Warner Inc. to Hershey Foods to The Wall Street Journal, rely heavily on outsourcing to deliver around-the-clock service, few companies readily admit it. They want to give the impression they are always ready to field questions and take orders, but most can't justify the expense of supporting their own call centers at all hours. Instead, they outsource some or all of their call centers activities.

Other companies, like Dell Computer and Crutchfield, need to have personnel to handle technical questions about complex products. For that reason, Convergys hires college graduates seeking long-term career opportunities, not temporary workers. "The reps we hire range from simple sales and support staff up to the technology bits-and-bytes crowd to level-three hardware and software personnel," Ross says.

In the tough world of business, operating a corporate call centers is indeed an intimidating task. With high investment requirements on equipment and technology, as well as keeping up with the ever-changing technological trends, call centers outsourcing now becomes a viable solution for companies to capitalize on their core businesses; thereby providing more opportunities to succeed.

With call centers outsourcing services, we aim to eliminate all responsibilities from running your own corporate call centers. As a call centers outsourcing company whose main focus is to be the leading provider of high-quality and low cost call centers outsourcing services, it is equipped to handle all your outsourcing needs.


    Reasons to Outsource:
    1. offshore agents demand lower salaries and often have technical expertise.
    2. Offshore contact centers often have lower infrastructure costs.
    3. Gives customers the impression they are receiving support around the clock without the high cost of building a call centers and investing in U.S.--based personnel.
    4. Augments customer care resources during high-volume calling periods.
    5. Helps ensure that customers have reliable assistance to help resolve issues quickly.
    6. In today's tight economy call centers outsourcers can help companies lower cost and achieve better performance.
    7. Well-educated agents can be trained on multiple product lines, even when they are highly technical.
    8. Call centers firms can provide global business continuity by housing data centers around the world.

    Concerns of Outsourcing:
    1. Cultural misalignments, particularly in countries more isolated from North American culture.
    2. U.S. call centers jobs would be cut in favor of cheaper outsourcing personnel.
    3. If there is a large assortment of products, it can be a full-time challenge to get call centers agents up to speed.
    4. Possible lack of consistency--all centers is not exactly the same.


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