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Outsourcing Call centre jobs to India


Today, call centres have become crucial support channels for almost every organization. Call centre jobs can help any business to easily ask questions to customers, solve simple problems, collect information and perform routine transactions in a cost-effective manner. Call centres also help organizations to effectively cross-sell and up-sell their products/services. Since call centres play an integral role in any company, it is essential for any organization to invest in professional call centre management solutions. An efficient call centre management solution can help an organization to satisfy customers and increase revenue.

At StaffIndia, we provide our customers with efficient contact centre management solutions. We have specialized inbound contact centre management solutions and outbound contact centre management solutions. Outsource call centre operations management jobs to StaffIndia and see an increase in customer satisfaction. We can help your organization increase its efficiency and reduce its costs. Our efficient international call centre management solution can help your employees easily access vital information and use it efficiently to increase their call centre performance. Your call centre employees can also easily access information about customers. Your managers can also find out information about your employees’ productivity level and details about call traffic. Ousource2india’s strategic call centre operations management solutions can help your organization increase its efficiency and reduce its costs.

During the late 90’s American companies began exploring the possibility of outsourcing their call centre jobs and BPO jobs abroad This was done mainly to cut operating costs and increase efficiency. India was among the first countries to accept this new age challenge. Over the years call centres in India have gained the confidence of organizations across the world.

Most of the top Fortune 500 companies and other business giants have setup their offshore call centre jobs in India. Several factors have helped in this explosive growth of business process outsourcing in India; favorable government policies, excellent communication networks, comparatively low wages and skilled English speaking workforce among others. Cost savings, improved quality and productivity have encouraged companies to outsource call centre jobs to India or to scale up their existing offshore operations.


India - the ideal offshore call centre location

Compared to other countries such as Malaysia, China and Singapore, India has many advantages which have made it the call centre capital of the world.

Here are a few of the advantages that India offers:

  • A 12-hour time difference between western countries and India has made India an ideal call centre outsourcing location, as companies can benefit from 24x7 jobs and services by outsourcing call centre jobs to India
  • India offers a wide variety of both inbound and outbound call centre jobs. Choosing India as your call centre outsourcing destination can give you access to a host of customer support services.
  • India had a large number of English speaking professionals. India’s experienced call centre executives can answer your calls accurately and efficiently. Outsource call centre jobs to India and get access to quality services
  • India has vast experience in the area of call centre outsourcing. This experience has equipped India with the capability to provide almost any type of call centre service
  • Outsourcing call centre jobs to India helps reduce the cost of capital investment, manpower training and overheads while at the same time you can get access to professional services

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