Traditional Data entry jobs versus Data Entry Programmes


Are you a typist or data entry processor? Traditional data entry work involves typing data such as names and addresses and a variety of other information. It requires basic typing skills and knowledge of database, spreadsheet or word processing software. Data entry processors are considered low-skilled workers by employers and are usually paid low fees. Many secretaries, typists and word processors perform data entry work in addition to other secretarial, administrative, and typing work. New Data Entry Jobs and Data Entry Programs Online

Many home business web sites and work from home ads promote easy data entry work from home. These data entry programs promise you unrealistic amounts of money. They promise quick money without experience needed. That should bring up a warning flag. Contrary to what promoters of data entry programs are portraying, data entry jobs promoted online do not provide typical or traditional data entry work at all. You will not get paid hourly or per project. Instead, you'll get one or more ebooks telling you how to use Google Adwords to sell other people's products. Here's why online data entry programs are misleading:

You do not get paid to enter data. You only get paid if you sell someone's product through your affiliate link. Data entry promoters omit to tell you that you'll have to advertise to make money, that the cost of Google advertising can run up very fast, and that affiliate marketing requires a steep learning curve. It takes time and money to learn how to advertise effectively on Google and promote affiliate programs. You can submit ads to classified sites but this is time consuming and you will get disappointing results. Here are better ways to find legitimate data entry jobs.

1. Look for local work at home data entry jobs in your local newspapers.
2. Contact present and past employers and ask them for work at home data entry.
3. Sign up with a local job placement agency or temp agency.
4. Contact local businesses within a ten mile radius. Many may want you to process data entry work in their office but a few will outsource work to home typists and data entry processors and allow you to perform the data entry jobs from home.
5. Many businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations need help with data entry work. Provide freelance data entry services and typing services to them. This is the best way to get data entry and typing jobs done from home.
6. Check job sites such as Monster, Yahoo and Hot Jobs to find local data entry work.

  • 7. Look for ads of businesses needing help with data entry work at Craigslist and promote your data entry services.
    8. Check webmaster forums and online marketing forums to find data entry work. Look for help needed posts and submit your own posts to promote your data entry services.

  • Web publishers often have typing work that may include typing web content, submitting articles and submitting their web site to search engines. Helping webmasters promote their web sites will pay a lot more than traditional data entry jobs. When applying for data entry jobs or data entry work, check online review sites and forums to make sure the advertised work is legitimate.


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