How to Avoid Data entry jobs Scams


It is no big secret that the online data entry job market has a large amount of scam artists operating in it. There are a few ways that you can protect yourself from these less-than-reputable companies. If you know what to look out for, you stand a much better chance of finding a successful data entry job, without wasting any of your precious time on scams.

One of the biggest ways that companies attempt to lure prospective employees in is by promising much higher pay than the industry typically offers. Playing on people's greed, these companies are hoping that you will perform various tasks for them, while you hope that you receive a paycheck.

 Know what the typical rate of pay is for the type of jobs that you are going to be completing, and you will be able to avoid a large portion of the scams on one of the many free data entry job boards. You are going to want to make sure that you avoid working for any companies which present their offer in the form of a sales letter or advertisement.

If the company has to sell you the position you probably do not want to carry out jobs for them. When you do find a legitimate data entry job,, the position will sell itself to you and not require outside copywriting or marketing ploys to help lure you in. If you see bright colors, flashy graphics, different sized text, and multiple bullet points when you land on the job position page, you will probably want to move onto the next listing.

Other types of companies that attempt to scam you into working for them are internet businesses that charge a fee to receive more information. Avoid these like the plague. You should not have to pay to several jobs for a company, so when you come across these situations, your red flags should be raised.

  • If the company is legitimate and requires you to carry out jobs you will not be charged a fee to receive information. Sometimes, these companies will use the excuse that the fees are for training new employees, but if this were true the companies could simply take the fees out of your first pay check rather than requiring them up front.

  • Even though there are numerous scams on the market when you are looking for a data entry job, you can still find legitimate jobs. Take some time to educate yourself on the types of positions that you will be seeking, and opportunities that legitimate companies tend to offer, as well as the rates that you can expect to be paid, and you will be able to spot scams much easier.


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