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Outsourcing Companies - Positives

Many believe that outsourcing workload to companies has severe negative effects on there company and the nation they provide for; here are a few positives to using outsourcing companies.

Frees time

Outsourcing is not only about saving on costs; it also allows companies to outsource in-house duties allowing these employees to aid in more core functions of the business

Saves labour cost

Small companies benefit from this greatly as it reduces staff costs yet the job required still get completed efficiently

No payroll

The beauty of using outsourcing companies is that for the price you pay they cover all expenses for you to have the employee.  This means the employee is owned and maintained for by the outsourcing company who pay them once you pay them the set fee.

Fill the skill gaps

If companies require an employee with the knowledge that they do not currently have, then outsourcing companies provide a wide variety of candidates to suit every requirement.  They all hold professional degrees in various subjects.

Less space needed

As companies expand they will need more space to accommodate for there staff.  This is not the case for using outsourcing companies; they take up none of your workspace as they are already in offices available to communicate with you when you need them.  This goes for companies that are looking to reduce there land costs also, replace current staff with outsourced employees and get the same if not better results.

No worries about holiday/sickness etc through agencies

While using outsourcing companies they will cover for holidays and sickness so you will have an employee throughout the contracted term.

Less equipment needed lower costs

Outsourcing companies have everything set up and ready to go for when a client needs an employee.  Companies will get an extra employee to there workforce without the needs of expenses such as office space, computers, desks, chairs etc.



With most outsourcing companies using English speech trained employees it won’t put off clients communicating to them.  Also for in house use they are equipped with skype and high speed internet to allow companies to have smoother video conferences including the employee and also talk to them for free via voice calls when needed.

Cost saving

Major multinational companies use outsourcing to save on costs which allows them to have increased profits and fund other core projects efficiently.  As for smaller businesses they have the option of using outsourcing if they cannot afford to accommodate the employee in house, all they need to do is pay a set fee for all the uses of a full time virtual employee.



With all outsourcing companies wanted to keep up a good reputation they now only hire candidates that hold at least a professional degree.  This enables you to have confidence in the services they provide.

Specialised skills

With a large amount of untapped talent in the Asian subcontinent finding a specialist from outsourcing companies is available without much hassle.  They find a person that fits your exact needs no matter the situation.

Short term contracts

With most outsourcing companies you are not tied down to long term contracts.  The most the will range to will be 30 days.  If you feel the works not good enough or don’t need the extra employee anymore you can leave the partnership in a short period

Opportunities in third world countries

Outsourcing companies provide great opportunities for third world countries.  Providing them with jobs and luxury salaries.  Building up there economy and helping the world environment.

Increase standards of living in third world countries

Outsourcing companies may seem like are paying peanuts to the employees in third world countries, but in there home currency it is a good wage.  This allows the employees to have life of luxury and improve the living conditions around them.

Provide cheaper better products

Companies that use outsourcing can focus more attention to details that are required to be looked into rather then wasting time on the routine tasks.  This in returns enables companies to provide cheaper products as the overheads costs are reduced and some even finding better quality products being produced to the extra savings and time.


  • Control capital costs

    Using outsourcing companies allow a greater control of capital costs as there is a set fee to pay, no hidden charges, no extras you need to pay for.  This way you know exactly what the expense will be for that service.

    Increase efficiency

    Having an experienced member on your team available at all times allows for work to flow smoothly and bring new ideas to the company along with knowledge and new working styles.

    Focus on core business

    Using outsourcing companies lets you focus your attention on core business functionality without having to worry about what’s happening too much around the secondary or none core aspects of business

    Level playing field (small businesses can’t afford high calibre home staff)

    Smaller or upcoming businesses struggle to keep up with multimillion pound corporations due to the lack of knowledge available to them at an affordable cost.  Outsourcing companies’ help in this situation as all employees outsourced have a similar calibre at the same price.  This enables smaller companies to compete on a bigger playing field.

    Widen your reach

    Get your companies name to new areas, the employee you have works for you and represent you and your company.


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