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Outsourcing Companies for Marketing

Many processes of marketing are being handled by outsourcing companies offshore.  United Kingdom and the USA have approximately 49% of companies use outsourcing.  Everything from websites to postcards are now being designed offshore to enable companies to commence with there core duties without hassle.


A good example of outsourced marketing work would be De Veres Private Equity firm; they outsource most tasks regarding marketing.  Such as the Staff India outsourcing company itself.  The website is created offshore by using web designers, the marketing staff are recruited via another company in the UK.  Staff India is a key example to this as even though they are an outsourcing company they use outsourcing to provide efficient and cost effective results.

Marketing is a major factor in any company, without it the company would not get recognition needed to expand and target an audience that is required for services they provide.  Most marketing in the UK has been outsourced to companies or freelancers.  The more effective of the two are using outsourcing companies opposed to freelancers.


Here are a few reasons outsourcing companies are far more effective then freelancers:

  • Outsourcing companies provide you with a full time employee, this means that the employee you receive will be committed to your organisation and will be at your disposal for the tasks required.  Opposed to freelancers who have no obligation to work solely for you, as they are self employed they have the option of taking on as much work as they want to and not fully commit to any project.


  • Companies providing outsourcing will find the perfect individual for your task.  This can be beneficial as most outsourcing companies have a varied field of professional who enjoy doing what you ask them to.  Freelancers have the option of taking on a project or to reject it.  This could lead to you waiting months to find the perfect partner to add to your company.  With outsourcing companies you can have the ideal employee within the space of two weeks.
  • Set fees. 
  • Outsourcing companies provide the employee, office space and everything required for a flat fee per month or the time needed for the employee.  Freelancers have the option of charging what they please, this could encounter problems after recruitment as the freelancer can argue that that individual is doing more then required and charge more then they need to.  With a task half done the organisation may not have a second option then to pay the extra charges to complete the task.


Here are a few reasons why using outsourcing companies has been effective in recent times as they are more efficient and reliable.  This is a reason why 49% of companies have decided to outsource marketing along with other tasks to enable effective work being completed with high quality.


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