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The fact of the matter is that if your competition is both well optimised AND has a stronger number of Good Quality Inbound Links from quality, relevant websites using strong anchor text then you will be out ranked. Link popularity is now THE dominant factor in who ranks the highest within Google. Other major search engines such as Yahoo and MSN also give a strong emphasis to back links for their ranking criteria.


In a fiercely competitive environment, link popularity will make or break your Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Links more often than not are heavily content related. To earn them a site must offer high quality content and be considered worthy as a destination to visitors.

It's an irrevocable fact of web life that search engines live for relevance - relevance is why sites are elevated to high search return positions. Off Page Search Engine Optimisation in the form of link building if applied professionally to a professionally developed site will work to highlight the relevance of the site. Development of high quality copy and content is an ongoing related process in conjunction with developing inbound links.


A high search engine ranking leads to more friends and so the virtuous circle continues. Let Search Engine Optimisation consult make sure that this vital aspect of your SEO pushes you to the front of the field. Remember - authority isn't established through what's on your web pages alone. It is earned from a combination of various factors and in particular inbound links and how many websites with Authority you are affiliated with.

There are numerous ways in which we can integrate link building into our suite of SEO tools. Largely an off page component of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign it merges into online PR and wider web profiling activities. Link building is as essential as it is varied.


Here's a short list of possible link opportunities that we explore as the link building aspect of a SEO campaign:

Blogsphere - Identify the leading movers and bloggers in your market place. Link to them from your blog but let them know you've done so. If your site has quality it's probable that many will reciprocate.


University sites - .edu or .ac sites carry great weight. Maybe you could write an article or contribute in some other way that could deserve a link.


Government sites - again .gov sites carry great weight.


Your own blog - Interesting, specific information is often of interest to potential visitors. A blog can be a very useful starting point from which to generate interest in your site.


Directories - Yahoo,, DMOZ etc there are numerous paid for and free directory submission opportunities. This is the easiest and fastest method of link building. There are numerous good quality (human-edited) directories whose permanent directory listings show up as valid back links within Google, Yahoo and/or MSN. We manually submit to quality directories that have relevant sub-categories.

  • Link baiting - embed copy or media with links contained within the site content. We apply smart, 'sticky' Internet marketing to entertain and attract attention.

  • In addition to link building concepts listed above there are also a number of technical Search Engine Optimisation adjustments that can be applied to help increase the potency of the SEO and link building campaign. Site structure, site size, cohesion of the content across the site, the internal linking structure and Keyword Density all play a role to some degree or other.

  • Contact SEO Consult to find out how we can evolve your authority through a professional, expert and experienced link-building component to your SEO campaign.

  • SEO Link Building Fundamentals

    Link building is one of the biggest SEO tasks. It can often be confusing and difficult to come up with ideas of how to get started. Let's explore a couple of different techniques for using Yahoo Search to help you find some juicy targets by looking at your competitor's links.


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