Services offered by a Virtual office


1. Telephone answering service

 Answering your business calls reliably and in a professional manner, shows that you care about your customers. A virtual office receptionist service allows you the option to have your calls answered in the company's name. With virtual office services, you do not have to worry that you might be missing important messages because a real person always answers the telephone with the number of your company, handle your mails, faxes and relay your messages as per your instructions. Phone answering service allows you to work from anywhere, giving your small business a competitive edge.


2. A mailing address in a prestigious office building

  The biggest challenge for many small businesses is perception-to look bigger and more professional. Therefore it is absolutely critical for small businesses to project the best corporate image with a mailing address in a prestigious office building. That you can put on your business cards, letterheads and other company materials. And a virtual office will help you to achieve that objective at a affordable price.

3. Office space and conference rooms on as-and-when needed basis

A virtual office advantage is that your office does not need to exist in one single physical location. A virtual office is a combination of the work that one or more people do in their home offices as well as telephone and web interaction with other in different locations. Whenever you need an office space or conference room for meeting, you can hire it as-and-when needed basis at an affordable rate.


4. Dedicated phone number and voice mail with call forwarding services

Your virtual office will have an actual phone line-dedicated to use by your business. During normal office hours, all calls will be answered by a virtual attendant in your company's name. The line will never be busy and will never go unanswered. Your mails will be forwarded to you to your designated address, anywhere in the world.


5. An executive suite

An executive suite also known as ‘business center' or ‘serviced office' that provides companies with immediate office rental along with telephone answering service and many other secretarial services, is the perfect office space solution for many small and large size businesses as per your need.


  • In today's ever-changing business climate, speed and flexibility are essential for success in any business and this is what virtual office packages are intended for.

  • Virtual office packages are for those who want to create a professional office setting appearance, at the same time do not need a full time office. Various packages are available and depending upon your needs, you have to choose the service that will best fit your company. Whether you need to establish your corporate presence or a conference/meeting room on an hourly basis, virtual office packages offer a wide variety of services to manage your business flow.


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