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Still unsure? Here are some of our frequently asked questions and answers.


1. Do I have any tax, insurance or employment law obligations/liabilities as a result of hiring an Employee with Staff India?
No. Legally your Employee is employed by Staff India. Subsequently you have no tax, insurance or employment law obligations/liabilities. You are paying for a service, which includes: an Employee, office space, office equipment, management services, technical support...etc.


2. How quickly can I terminate the contract?
You simply need to give 30 days written notice to terminate the contract. You are not tied into any long term contracts, our service is effectively pay as go, just as hiring an employee inyour local office.


3. Can my Employee work the same office hours as me?
Yes. All employees abroad are synchronised to work with YOU. Your employees will always be accessible real-time during working hours.


4. How many hours does my Employee work?
Your Employee works 8 hours per day, generally a 9am-5pm shift. This does not include any time taken for breaks or for meals. This will be your responsibility to ensure you treat and maintain your virtual employee with the same etiquette and standard.


5. What is included in the price? Are there any hidden charges?
The monthly fee quoted to you is the full and complete cost, effectively the salary of your employee. The fee charged covers everything from, the Employee’s salary, office space, office equipment, internet connection, telephone, management services, technical support etc.


6. Is there any “getting started” or start up fee?
No fees are charged until you have decided to hire a virtual employee or employees. We will offer our ongoing Consultation for free, support you to get you started, do the all due diligence prior etc.


7. What are your procedures to protect my sensitive and confidential data/information?
Staff India and your Virtual Employee you hire will sign any legally binding non-disclosure agreement you have for the handling of any sensitive data/information. Our agreement also covers this for you as we have a strict policy on data protection and client confidentiality.


8. Can you provide highly skilled and technical Employees?
As a general rule any office based employee you would find in the USA or Europe will also be available in our offices abroad. The Indian sub continent is renowned for its technical talent, with companies such as IBM, Dell and HSBC employing thousands of employee’s in India. Furthermore all our staff are hand picked and trained by us to deliver a quality service to employers equivalent to that in the UK.


9. How long does it take to get started?
The complete process of Consulting with you, understanding your needs, doing all the paperwork and allocating an employee to work for you takes 2 weeks. Within 2 weeks your new virtual employee(s) will be working for you. In many cases we have had Virtual Employees assigned within a few days!



10. Is there any start up fee for when my Employee is first going to start?
No. You only need to make your payment month in advance to Staff India.


See read the full list of FAQs please visit Virtual Employee FAQ


Is there any “getting started” or start up fee?

No fees are charged until you have decided to hire an employee or employees. We will offer our ongoing Consultation for free, support you to get you started, do the all due diligence prior etc.

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